Installing A Ceiling Fan: 4 Common Flaws Which Needs Expert Assistance

Usual Ceiling Fan Flaws That Need  Specialists.jpg

Ceiling fans are the staple for most Australian homes, and for good reasons too.  

  • They consume less energy.

  • They are cost-effective in comparison to AC units.

  • And they are sold in a variety of different styles and colour combinations.  

Most modern-day ceiling fans are versatile, meaning they look good at just about any given house decor. Not to forget, they also circulate warmer air during winter seasons, thus reducing the usage of appliances and electricity consumption.  

But, as is the nature of all electrical equipment, they tend to malfunction with time. Fortunately, majority of the fan issues happen due to poor installation, and each of them can be fixed with the help of our qualified, licensed and experienced ceiling fan experts.  

In this post; you will learn about those common flaws that happen (or could happen) to your ceiling fan. Follow closely now! 

1. It Wobbles:

Wobbling Fan.jpg

Ever come across a ceiling fan which wobbles. Worse case scenarios are when your fan looks as if it will fan down when switching on.  

There are three reasons why it could happen. 

  • Fan is not correctly installed (the obvious one)

  • Its blades have been damaged and need replacements

  • Or if the fan is of low-quality

Other than the last reason which only seems to encourage replacing it, our experts providing quality ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast will be happy to look into the other two causes.  

They will reinstall it by replacing the screws. And if damaged blades are the issue, they will replace the blades and fit them properly. 

2. Rotates In The Opposite Direction:

Fan Circulating Opposite To What It Should.jpg

Traditionally, ceiling fans are meant to circulate in an anti-clockwise direction, as it is meant to push the air downwards. However, most modern day fans can work in both directions. A fan which circulates clockwise will pull the air upwards and hence it is used in winter seasons. 

Now, if you find your ceiling fan is rotating in a direction opposite to what it was meant to, then the issue lies in the winding of its motor. Have a word to out experts at “Fusion Electrical GC”, and they will be happy to sort out the issue for you. 

3. Rotates Slowly:

Slow Rotations.jpg

Isn’t Your Ceiling Fan Moving At Full Speed?  

If it is not, then it means that there is something wrong in the capacitor- more specifically, it has burned out.  

Fret not, mate; this is an easy fix for our electrical contractors in the Gold Coast region. They will replace the burned out capacitor and fix your fan so that it runs at optimal speed again.

4. It Makes Noise:

Noisy  Fans.jpg

Another common issue that you could face (or have faced) is the strange hammering or drumming sound occurring from your ceiling fan. The issue could be in the bearing, and being well aware of it, our professionals will oil the bearings and check to see if the fan still makes noises. 

If the issue continues, they will remove the old bearings and replace it adequately with a new one. 

Final Words: 

Each and every electrical contractor at “Fusion Electrical GC” promises prompt repairs and installations without compromising on quality. To ensure your experience is a pleasing one; we keep our repair/installation rates budget-friendly. 

So, If You Have a Ceiling Fan That Refuses To Work Properly, Despite All Your Efforts; don’t delay in calling our experts. Using their experience and understanding of different fan issues, they will restore your fan to normal.

What can you Expect from the AC Installation Company you Choose?

Why AC Installation Experts are the Saviour.jpg

Summertime is here in Australia, and this is undoubtedly the best time to go for the air conditioner installation. However, going for the DIY AC installation is never a good idea as it requires special skill and of course experience of the professionals to get the installation done without a glitch.

DIY is not an Ideal Option

A lot of factor matters in this case. Firstly, it is the right placement of the air conditioner system that has to be taken into consideration. To be specific, if the AC is not placed at the right point of your room will not get an even air distribution no matter for how long you keep the AC turned on.

Secondly, it is about the risk factors. Due to lack of experience, you may end up touching some cables or wires that are not meant to be moved. You may face an electrical failure, power outage and even a voltage disruption followed by the installation. So, precisely, these factors should be taken into consideration to make sure you don't go for DIY installation following the manual.  

Now the big question that may pop up in your mind is what these professionally certified electricians in Southport associated with Fusion Electrical Gold Coast has particular expertise in them that will get reflected in the result? What can you expect from the experts? Here's a list for you to follow.  

Flexible Operating Hours

The professionals are expected to work in flexible hours, as per your convenience. In that case, all you have to do is to tell the professionals about your convenient time, and they will take care of the rest.

Fault Finding Capabilities

An Eye for Faults.jpg

You can expect the specialist installers to have an eye for faults. There can be a fault in your power supply line, or it can turn out to be a huge problem when the AC has been installed but still not working. Don't think that the specialists will leave your premise without ensuring that your appliance is working correctly.

Compatible with All Brands

It's essential that the expert you are about to choose to have enough compatibility in dealing with all the AC brands. The mechanism of some air conditioning system is different from that of the others. To fix the common issues of installation with different air conditioning system, the expert associated with air conditioning installation in Gold Coast must have that level of knowledge and adaptability.

Coming up Accurate Solutions

Starting from the accuracy in measurement to attaching the system with the right power cords - being flawless is one of the most crucial requirements from a professional. Along with the split or ducted AC installation, the professional must make sure the outer section is installed correctly too. The experienced expert will undoubtedly be able to make that happen.

Final Words 

Choose Fusion Electrical Gold Coast for the job and our experts will make sure all your expectations from a qualified installer are fulfilled. As it is the summertime, so it is recommended to get the appointment done as soon as possible.

RED ALERT - 5 AC Installation Blunders To Avoid NO MATTER WHAT

RED ALERT - 5 AC Installation Blunders To Avoid NO MATTER WHAT

If there is one thing which most people are obsessed about, its Doing-It-Themselves. Take AC installation for instance. Most people don’t have a clue about installing their cooling unit- but they are still hell-bent on doing it themselves. Their obsession and ignorance often lead to AC installation mistakes.

Be smart and skip DIY for once, as the lifespan and functionality of your AC unit depends on it.

Here are some common blunders of AC Installation to avoid at all costs!

1.Issues In The Air Flow:

You have installed your AC unit only to find that after switching it on; you find that it is not cooling as effectively as it should.

What could be wrong? Whenever your cooling unit behaves like this; there is a chance that it has some airflow issues. Proper airflow is dependant on the tons the unit is cooling.

Example- 1-ton unit requires approximately 400 cubic feet per minute of airflow. And it has to be set up prior to charging the AC unit with its coolant.

Too complicated, right? That’s why you should leave this to our AC installation experts. With their knowledge and expertise, they will figure out the root of the issue and troubleshoot it adequately.

2.Inappropriate Electrical Hook Up:


This is another common AC installation blunder to avoid. Your AC unit requires proper grounding and hooking up to the right electrical source- 240 Volts to be exact! With that; you also need to use the appropriate wire gauge.

Not doing it right will cause issues in your AC unit. There are other electrical issues too such as installing the right sized breaker.

Truth be told, comprehending these intricate aspects when performing DIY will be difficult for you. But for our professional AC installation experts at Fusion Electrical GC, this will be easy.

3.Suction Line Comprises of No Insulation:

Insulating the suction line is another important aspect to proper AC installation. If the suction line consists of no insulation, the efficiency of your AC unit goes down considerably.

The same issue will happen if the insulation is performed inappropriately.

It is a job for our licensed and experienced electrician in Surfers Paradise, and so you should not hesitate in giving us a call ASAP!

4.Insufficient Space Between The AC Unit And The Wall:


Be it split ACs or wall ACs; there should be sufficient space between the wall and your cooling unit. This applies to both the sides, ensuring proper airflow and accurate functioning.

Again, this is an aspect which you would have little or no knowledge. So, it’s best left to our experts to install your unit with adequate space.

5.Wrong Size of The AC Unit:

One more AC installation blunder is having the wrong sized unit. If your cooling unit is not in its optimum size, it may not be able to cool the space it is meant for. And if the size is too big, then it could lead to de-humidification. Furthermore, with large sized AC units, it would prevent you from switching on and off on a constant basis.

These are some of the common AC installation blunders which you should avoid at all costs.

Presenting impeccable air conditioning installation services in Surfers Paradise, our experts at Fusion Electrical GC will leave no room for complaints.

You can request our service quotes and let us know if you have an AC unit to be installed. Plus we also offer monthly special offers. Feel safe to browse!

Installing Air Conditioning System? Be sure you have the best Contractor

Installing Air Conditioning System.jpg

Have you moved to a new address? Pull up your socks, mate!! You need to have the air conditioning system installed at the earliest now that the notorious Aussie summer is knocking your door. And do not forget, that it will be Christmas Time as well, in two months or so from now.  

So get in touch with a company that not only installs ceiling fans to help you beat the Aussie heat, but that is also an expert air conditioner installer. It's wise to opt for a contractor that will install the AC along with the ceiling fans, for it will help in savings. You will find many such names in the Gold Coast area. However, you need to opt for the best one of them to ensure quality.

But how? Each of these contractors will any way claim to be the best in the business. Hence it’s your call to do the fact-finding. A few questions that you ask them will make your effort trifle easier.  

What capacity or size of AC you need?

Looking for the size that matters.jpg

This will be the first question that you need to ask the electrical contractors you get in touch with. The technicians of the reputed electrical contractors of the Gold Coast will ask a few details regarding the layout of your home and the dimension thereof, to provide you with the correct information.

For instance, if you get in touch with us at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast and ask for this info, our seasoned and competent technicians will be able to provide the right info in a jiffy after they get a notion about the layout and the area of your home. That’s the difference between a quality company like us and an average one.

What proof can they provide to prove that they are bonded and licensed?

This is again, another critical question that you need to raise. Indeed, it is imperative that you put money on a company that is bonded as well as insured. Reputed and quality companies are home to technicians who are comprehensively trained, adequately experienced and are all licensed.

Companies that are competent and reputed will be able to provide every relevant proof that you need to ascertain their validity and competency.

Are they able to handle all the required approvals and permits from the local authorities?

Are they able to handle all the required approvals and permits.JPG

Before you appoint these contractors, you need to make sure that the company you bank on can bag all the approvals and permits that are needed from the authorities.

For instance, if there is no exemption applied, a contractor licensed under QBCC or Queensland Building and Construction Commission is needed to be hired to carry out any work related to HVAC system, including air conditioning installation at Gold Coast residence if the value of the work exceeds AUS$3300.

Hence, you see, there are so many technicalities associated with AC installation at your Gold Coast, Queensland home. Therefore, the company you eye on MUST be competent enough to come in terms with them.

Here is where we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast make the difference. Get in touch with us, and you get the best service that you can imagine of, in every aspect!!

5 Frustrating Ceiling Fan Issues that Aren’t So Unusual

5 Common Ceiling Fan Issues.JPG

Yes, that cool feel produced by your ceiling fan is a ripper thing to enjoy. But, that may not mean the machine is enjoying this assignment of yours if it faces few problems.

Ceiling fan issues are normal and they can appear due to faulty maintenance or improper installation measures. In this regard, you just need to keep your eyes open and look for any possible problems, which affect your ceiling fan to a great extent.

If you're still not sure about the faults commonly found in a ceiling fan, then read this blog and get to be aware of what's wrong in it.

1. Flickering Lights Indicate Additional Issues

Problems Suggested by Flickering Lights.JPG

Some of the fans have a light fixture in them. This matter gets to indicate a variety of things regarding the fan’s structure, its fixture with the ceiling and the light as well, its connection with the main power source and a lot. Flickering lights may mean the bulbs inside are getting loosened. It is possible for them to fall off any moment. The said issue also hints to the faulty maintenance and monitoring of the main power line’s connection with the fan. Flickering lights also mean there is something wrong with the voltage supply that damages the components of the ceiling fan.

2. Terrible Problems May Appear with a Noisy Fan

Why is it terrible? Well, if you have installed the fan wrongly or used inappropriate materials in the said process during a project of domestic renovation in Gold Coast, then it may bring for you terrible disasters like the fan falling off from the ceiling at a sudden point and its outcomes can be FATAL. One of the principle reasons for this cause is when the fan produces noise. It either can be any kind of distracting sound or a grinding (or rubbing) sound. Both of them can be projected at a mild to intense level .

3. A Wobbly Ceiling Fan Means the Same Danger

Wobbly Ceiling Fan - That is Dangerous.jpg

A ceiling fan gets connected with the help of its separated parts. These parts include the down rod, blade brackets, box screws and many more. If they aren’t attached properly and the fan is made to rotate in that way, then it will wobble, will produce sounds with wobbling in some cases and can fall off any moment.

4. It’s Not Pacing Up

Although there is a regulator, your ceiling fan isn’t pacing up. Call in a professional electrician in Southport as soon as you can as it is also a dangerous situation my mate. It means the fan has run out of lubricants or it has some wiring issues. If you tend to ignore this and keep pushing your fan to pace up, then it may give out occasional sparks and get really hot.

5. The Ceiling Fan Isn’t Turning On

An Unresponsive Ceiling Fan When Turned On.jpg

That means you may have a loose connection between the fan and the main power source. However, this problem also directs to the circuit breaker, which can be faulty, switched off or tripped.

Pack Up!

Stuck in problems like these? Contact a professional brand for getting experts who are LICENSED. In this context, you can check out the services of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast. Appoint their licensed professionals and you’d notice the difference in the first time they use their adept skills in solving the issue.

Fix your fan with Fusion Electrical Gold Coast!   

Choosing Commercial AC Installation Companies – How is it Different?

Why Choose Commercial AC Installation Companies.png

Installation of commercial air conditioning units is a different ball game altogether. Firstly, you will have to choose a company that is specifically expert in installation of these commercial units.  

Do not be lured by the service of the company that had installed the AC at your home with flying colours. They might be good at the installation of domestic AC units, but when it comes to installation of commercial AC units, they might make it a dog's breakfast. 

Hence, vouch on names that are expert in installation of commercial units SPECIFICALLY! And if you can come across a company that’s expert in installation of AC units for your home as well as your office, that will make your day. 

Ahoy! That’s where we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast make the difference. With one of the best electrician teams of Surfers Paradise, we are as good a name in the installation of residential AC units as we are, when it comes to installing them at offices and other commercial complexes.  

Electrician Southport.jpg

But what exactly do you need to know while selecting a company?  

There are quite a few things that you need to know about the company that you are eyeing on. 

See if they can ascertain your needs  

This is something that the company you eye on has to have. It has to have the intellect and the experience to oversee your complex and ascertain the exact nature of air conditioning system you will need for your commercial complex.   

They take a lot of things into account before coming to a conclusion. That includes the dimension of the complex, the computer systems and other heat-generating electronic devices it has, the footfall or the number of employees it will have at any given point in time, and so on. 

Naturally, these companies have the experienced specialists who are pretty spiffy in ascertaining all these factors and coming to a concrete solution and conveying the same to you. We pride to say that we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast IS A NAME that is simply one of the best in this!  

Check if it can work in sync with other service providers  

Air Conditioning Installation.jpg

This is another MUST HAVE QUALITY that your air conditioning installation company at Gold Coast should have. You must keep in mind that it is not only about the installation of an individual unit at your home. It may involve installation of multiple units and this may coincide with the installation of other systems pertaining to the business you are running. 

Thus, they will have to work in synch with other suppliers and technicians for a foolproof installation. Hence, your company should have the ability to work with the other contractors and suppliers, more so if your complex is a newly-built one.  

Here again, we make a difference. The mission and vision of our endeavour are to understand the need of our clients and help in their business in all possible ways. Our technicians are thus experienced enough to come up with a seamless work in sync with suppliers and technicians to make sure that the AC installation at your complex is picture-perfect. 

So here we are, with one of the best commercial AC installation companies of Gold Coast. Get in touch with us at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast for the best commercial AC installation.

4 Prominent Signs to Welcome a Brand New Fuse Box

Why You Need a New Fuse Box

Time tells a lot of things. One of them is the indication of the necessity for a new fuse box installation quite early...


...there are few signs in your old fuse box. It justifies that you need a project of fuse box replacement and that too done by professionals.  

Well, you just need to keep your eyes open. Fuse box is a machine just like that Barbie grill you have in your backyard. Frankly speaking, both of them are subject to damage.

When it gets unwell, you fix it.

When it gets terribly unwell, you have got to replace it.

But, how’d you mates know that you have to replace your fuse box?

Just read this blog to find out some conditions or signs of damage in your fuse box that vote for a new box as soon as possible.

1.   Fuses Blowing Too Often

Blown Up Fuses

The thing about a fuse box is that it bears the capacity or the load of electrical powers to a certain limit fixed in its model of structure. If the load somehow reaches beyond the point of what the fuse box can withstand, then it will blow up.

But, is it happening too often?

That means you haven’t installed the right fuse box in your home. Keep in mind that administering an electrical unit must be appropriate and securing for you and your family members. This is the reason people look for authenticated brands and certified professionals for operations like safe fuse box upgrade, safe air conditioning installation in Gold Coast and many more. Get such a pro at your place when you witness your fuse box is repeating to blow simultaneously.

2. Dim Or Flickering  Lights And Bulbs Around The Home

Lights Flickering or Dimmed

Lights and their power of glowing can be a very good indicator of the health of the fuse box. If lights start becoming dimmer than usual day by day, then it is evident that your fuse box is not capable to withstand and supply the power needed to help those lights shine. The same issue occurs again when the lights flicker.

It may lead to a short circuit.

That means serious trouble!

3. Asbestos Is Not Welcome At All

Don't Use Asbestos

The first and the last thing about asbestos is that it is no longer used as a material for fuse boxes. It was utilised though for the larger fuse boxes in the earlier days but modern measures have termed them as a harmful element. It has been tested that asbestos produces negative outcomes when breathed in. Using asbestos flash guards can minimise the risk, but not completely eradicates the issue. Try replacing the entire fuse box with a new one as you don’t want trouble.

4. Age-Old Fuse Box Must Be Replaced

Replace Really Old Fuse Boxes

The thing with an age-old fuse box is that it is one of those things you shouldn't keep in your home. If it is more than 10 years old (even a bit more than that time span), then you should immediately start thinking to replace fuse box by electricians from Southport from one of the area’s licensed brands. According to these electricians, an old fuse box has already deteriorated inside and may produce serious issues anytime making you feel really cranky but hopeless at times. Just try to get it fixed ASAP for living a happy and prosperous life.

Help Is On Its Way...

Are you having a brief smoko from in spite of the tight schedule of your workplace? Then be online and use that time to check out the Fusion Electrical Gold Coast. The brand has several electricians, all of whom are licensed, to help you in numerous ways by their dedicated services. The brand has been able to fetch a good customer support just by the exceptional measures they have included in their services.

It is time for you find them out.

3 Hacks to Streamline Your Domestic Wiring and Lighting Renovation

domestic renovation in Gold Coast.jpg

If you think that electrical renovation is going to be an easy process, then you are wrong. Experts believe that when it comes to domestic electrical renovation or remodeling, then it is not going to be an easy undertaking as often thought of. The sole purpose of remodeling is to make your dream home a safe place to live in. To be precise- “A PERFECT ONE”! Several elements come to play prior to the renovation process.

To make the process streamlined, planning will always be beneficial. Deciding the colour to be used, the layout design, and picking the right materials are crucial. These steps are going to be tough and if not done properly, will be an added pressure to your plan for electrical remodelling or upliftment.

Planning to achieve the perfect remodeling can be daunting. The various ifs and buts are some of the glitches that are going to hover over the mind as usual.

However, following the certain guidelines and the ways will help to proceed with the renovation plan smoothly. The below are the enlisted ways by which you can streamline your domestic renovation in Gold Coast concerning wiring and lighting—


1.  Considering the Power-Reliant Appliances

We all agree with the fact that the electrical needs of each of our room are different. Therefore, the electrical layout and the plan should largely depend on this factor. The kind of the appliances (luxury and lighting) that you are planning to install in your room should define the remodelling.

Similarly, the places of the house like the kitchen where the heavy appliances are to be placed should have a different kind of electrical layout or wiring. Every small appliance should be taken into consideration before finalising the electrical wiring.


Air Conditioning Installation-Gold-Coast.jpg

2.  Considering the placement of the Furniture

It is another crucial thing that needs to be considered before chalking out the remodelling design. It must be made sure that the electrical switches and the appliances of comfort are easily accessible.

For example, the electricians performing the air conditioning installation in Gold Coast will proceed as per the placement of the furniture. Apart from this, a work-table must have easy access to the outlet for lights, switches or fans. This is where the placement of the furniture comes into the limelight while going for the electrical renovation.


3.  Including the Lighting Sources

While going for the renovation, one cannot afford to miss out on the lighting needs. The area to be lighted should be considered.

According to the experts, it is necessary to sort out the lighting types the person might be needing. Will the lighting devices be installed on the ceiling or with the specially wired place? Alternatively, the standard installation be followed for the process?

In the rooms that have a very little scope of the broad daylight, proper planning and arrangement need to be done for the general lighting or special lighting arrangement for your study table.



Seeking the assistance from the proficient electricians is always going to make the things easy. The so-called daunting electrical makeover will look easy and simple if these steps are followed properly.

DIY or Pro Fan Installation - Which Seems More Rational?

fusionelecgc_10082018 copy.jpg

If you are looking to add some style and function to your home, then ceiling fans fit your purpose aptly. They add that extra airflow, light and ambience to any given room it is fitted in. A ceiling fan comes in all shapes, size and specs and that allows you to add more versatility to your home.

In addition to adding that extra bit of versatility to your house, adding a ceiling fan also helps in:

  • Lowering Down Your Energy Expenses: The direct and continuous airflow reduces your usage of air condition, and that makes you use less power to keep the living environment comfortable.
  • Allow You To Make A Statement: With the perfect blend of added lights, fan shape style with wooden or metal finishing and colour variants can allow you to make your bold statement.
  • Weather Appropriate: Another perk of installing ceiling fans is that it keeps the living space comfortable all throughout the year. There are some models that are known to have a reverse setting.
  • Owing to this feature, the hot air is pulled downwards, and that keeps the residing area warm and cozy even during the winters.


Decided to Install A Ceiling Fan - Should You DIY or Call Pros?

fusionelecgc_10082018_2 copy.jpg

One thing you need to know is that installing ceiling fans on your own is not a daunting task. It is a lot harder than it looks and at times goes way beyond your expertise.

Here are some rational reasons why you should summon pros for your ceiling fan installation.

  • For installing your ceiling fans; you have to work at a height, and that always poses the risk of falling down and hurting yourself badly.
  • Some ceiling fans are big and heavy. That makes them very awkward to hold when installing. To add to your miseries; you are already on a ladder trying to manage your fan’s wiring. Eventually, this leads to an unavoidable accident!
  • There‘s always the possibility of you getting electrical shocks when working with your ceiling fan wiring. This can be a tricky situation especially if you are on a ladder trying to hold your balance.


Pro Installation Presents You ‘PEACE OF MIND’

Electrician_Gold_Coast (2).jpg

All these instances make it clear why you should not opt for DIY ceiling fan installations. Rather; you should always trust domestic electrical renovation experts in Gold Coast to take care of it.

  • They have plenty of experience in ceiling fan installations and using their skills; they will get the installation work done quickly and effectively.
  • The repairs are done using industry-approved spare parts which also come with individual warranty periods.
  • Their installation work will ensure that your fan runs smoothly and noise-free
  • If your electric box or plug point needs repairing or replacing, these pros will do it and then install your fan, guarantying no performance glitches.
  • They always keep their servicing rates reasonable and try to stick to the nominal rates accepted in the industry.
  •  Lastly, these pro electricians also present damage coverage schemes to cover for the damage costs.

Take your time when sorting out your experts for ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast. Look at their market reputation, their client base and acknowledgement and most significantly their cost-effectiveness of their rates.

Invest time in researching all the crucial aspects and then associate with one. If you’re in a rush; you can check out ‘Fusion Elec GC’, speak to their experts and also request for their service quotes.

5 Common Electrical Issues Indicating Dangerous Outcomes

Air Conditioning Installation Gold-Coast.jpg

When it is about a household, then you have to make sure you are maintaining it in the correct way possible. In this case, you need to make sure you have a proper observation on the electrical elements in it.

The matter is quite simple. With electrical issues rising in a household and being kept untreated for long, then it may bring serious perils for all of your family members. Frankly speaking, for troubles like these, you need the help of professional electrician only. Similar to the professional assistance you get in the services from air conditioning installation in Gold Coast, adept support from licensed electricians will always give you that extra level of support that guarantees efficiency with customised benefits.

Before calling them, you have to understand what problems are the most common for domestic households in terms of electricity related matters. This is the way you ensure the solution of such problems in a very planned and methodical way since your professionals would get to know the main issues directly from you.

Here are the common electrical problems you should be concerned about.


Electrician Runaway Bay.jpg

1. The Power Grid May Turn Faulty

The power grid is the main supplier of the electrical power keeping on different systems running. These power grids can be of a serious issue and can be the reason for a complete breakdown of the electrical systems if it sags and drops. Speak to the professionals urgently if you face the problem.


2.  Switches Are Working Unnaturally

The switches can heat up any moment you touch them while they are on. They may also deliver occasional flashes of electrical sparks the moment you turn them on. Most of the times, faulty switches tend to work delaying the usual course of action.

air conditioning installation-Gold Coast.jpg

3.  The Electrical Shock Indicates Serious Trouble

Electrical shocks are usually neglected by general people. But this is where they make a mistake that cannot be forgiven if any mishap takes place. Here is where you need to make some risk decisions. Call the professionals and explain them how the shock is being projected.


4.  Electrical Bill Is Higher

Yes, that is another problem. If the electrical bill gets to be unreasonably high, then you must understand that there is something wrong. A high electrical bill without considerable power usage is an indicator to electrical faults. Call the professional electricians of Southport and fix the issue for good. You will get to save some money too.


5.  Noisy Components

If the noise comes from the components of various electrical units such as lights and fans, then you are at a risk. It does not include the problem in the units, but the issues in the power grid too.


To Conclude: Fix the Issues And Don’t Manage Them

Managing the problems or keeping them untreated for long attract danger. Moreover, it also affects electrical units along with electrical systems in your home. To solve the problems at the earliest, you need professional guidance. Get it fast from Fusion Electrical Gold coast and experience the most effective servicing that would meet your demands.

5 Factors that Define the Need for Domestic Electrical Renovation

Electrician-Gold coast.jpg

Do you own an old house? Do you think the electrical system of your place is apt and appropriate? Is it that the electrical wiring and all the attachment to your house are too old and needs replacement? Well, it is true that in most of the houses what remains to be one of the neglected areas is the electricity. For the houses that are quite old, dealing with such critical situation is always going to be problematic.

It is true that a house with an outdated electrical system is vulnerable to safety as it can lead to several issues like fire due to short circuit or overheating. It is, therefore, required to have the electrical system upgraded for those buildings or residential complexes that are century old. Experts believe it to be the wise step and investment.

The following are some of the factors that govern the need for the domestic electrical renovation-



Hazards related to electricity are some of the common problems quite prevalent in the modern days. In the hustle-bustle of the fast moving life, people get very little time to take care of their electrical fittings. Warm outlets, loose switches, rusty panels, wobbly plugs are some of the common factors that lead to short-circuiting because of the loose connection. The professional electrician at Gold coast suggests replacing them with the updated accessories to ensure safety.



Domestic Renovation.jpg

Fires because of the malfunctioning of the electrical system are considered to be one of the most dangerous ones. Tackling the situation is hard. The common reasons for the fire outbreak are the overheating of a particular electrical point because of either overloading or short-circuiting. The concealing of the entire electrical lines is hard to detect and hence, it is necessary to have them changed entirely after a periodic interval of time.




It is possible that at the time of construction the need for electricity was not as much as it is now. Without upgrading the electrical system of the house, especially in the case of the century-old buildings; it is never advisable to run the appliances of a higher rating. The main reasons behind the up gradation of the electrical system are to match the requirements capacity and adaptability.




The modern electrical equipment and accessories are all designed and manufactured in such a way that they provide the maximum safety against any of the electrical faults. The domestic renovation in Gold Coast ensures that the house remains safe and sound from any of the power surges caused because of the thunder and lightning or power supply issues.




The concept of a planned house is new. Unlike the new houses, the century-old residential buildings housed the switches and the other electrical accessories as per the available space. But the modern designs include the instalment of the electrical switchboards and the appliances at places that are convenient to reach out. Therefore, this is one of the major driving reasons for opting renovation at domestic level.



Electrical renovation on a periodic interval is always going to be fruitful. It will not only enhance the life of the electrical gadgets like the electronic devices and other house appliances but also take care of the safety on an overall basis.

4 Reasons to Hire Electricians for Commercial AC Installation

Heat is something that becomes intolerable. Thanks to science and technology that has given us the respite with the invention of air conditioning system. With the summers at the door, the system is a gift for the people. Experts say that in the corporate world, the presence of the air conditioning system has increased not only the efficiency of the employee but has also helped in keeping the IT equipment safe and sound.

As a corporate owner, providing your employee and the client the comfort has always been the topmost priority. Therefore, it is necessary to make the things perfect in the first lot itself. Hiring a professional who is not only adept but also well-versed in commercial air conditioning installation would help in the process. The following are some of the ways how professional does the installation without trouble-


1. Guide in Choosing the Right Sized HVAC

Electrician Gold coast (2).jpg

The size of the halls of your office might be large. You must be in a dilemma over what should be the right size of the system that would work well for the room. Selecting a system randomly with larger capacity might cool the hall efficiently, but there can be issues with power consumption. Experts say that it is baseless to pay more when the same can be done resourcefully.

Contacting the professionals will help in choosing the right size of the HVAC. They have the idea about the capacity and take into consideration all the possible causes that can affect the cooling. For the precise air conditioning installation in Gold Coast, it is important to keep this factor in mind.


2.  Secured Installation

Secured Installation.jpg

The hazards caused by the faulty installation of the aircon system are very prevalent. Every potential electrical threat needs to be considered during the installation. Overloading, short-circuiting, tripping, and voltage fluctuations are some of the electrical hitches that stress on the compressor of the system leading to the malfunctioning of the system. The professional electrician takes into account all these factors and gets the things installed securely.

Since the electricians doing the job are licensed and trained, therefore, hiring the experts will make sure that the right kind of the wires is chosen for the connection. Apart from this, the electricians take all the necessary steps to make sure that the system functions smoothly even after installation.


3.  An Efficient Installation

air conditioning installation Gold Coast.jpg

The professionals access or examine the place where the system is to be installed for the efficient cooling. In a company, it is important to make sure that the system cools effectively and efficiently every corner of the room. Therefore, installing it at the right place is the only way out. The commercial electricians from Gold Coast get the things just as required.


4. Proper Placement of the Units

commercial electricians from Gold Coast.jpg

In the case of offices with open-plan living, the split systems are installed. Therefore, the professional electricians make sure that during the placement of the indoor units, the brackets are correctly angled or tilted. Also, the outdoor unit needs to be placed on a flat surface. The professionals do it accurately.



As far as the installations are concerned, it needs to be done by the professional. Every aspect is taken into consideration by the electricians for increased efficiency. In the corporate world, where everything plays a crucial role, the importance of hiring the professional cannot be ignored. This is why all the companies hire electricians to do so.

An Apt Split AC Installation: Make The Most By The Checklist!

Electrician Gold-coast.jpg

Well, if there’s pleasing air inside your home, then it is the reflection of a successful air con installation.  

The said process is a bit sensitive. For this reason, people always consider the machines to be administered by professionals. But whether or not they help you in making the most out of this process, you must put some efforts from your side to set it perfect. Either for domestic building renovation in Gold Coast or for an upgrading operation for temperature control, a split AC installation must not be void about the checking some vital points before pro people set to work.

Well, you should be eager to know these facts. Here they are for your privilege.


1. Is The Wall Strong Enough To Hold The AC?

Domestic Renovation Gold Coast.jpg

Always remember that a split AC has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mainly attached to a wall with its ‘even but a bit bulkier’ structure sticking out a bit from the wall’s surface.  You must check if the wall is strong enough to hold it permanently.  If you’re unsure, ask the professionals.


2. Are You Keeping The Right Gap From The Ceiling And Side Walls

Commercial Electricians Gold Coast.jpg

There should be at least 15 cm gap between the AC and the side walls. The same gap should be maintained for the ceiling too. This measurement is apt for mechanical support and safety to the said air con system.  


3.  Are You Placing It High Enough?

Domestic Electricians Gold Coast.jpg

There should be a minimum of 7 to 8 feet gap between the ground level (or the floor) with the split air con system. It is done for avoiding human contact with the device and, of course, for allowing the machine to provide efficient services.


4.  Are You Positioning The Outdoor Unit Rightly?

Electrician Hope Island.jpg

Well, the outdoor unit contains the compressor. Thus, it should be positioned with critical concern as it is placed outside. For the involvement of vital parts in it, the outdoor unit should be kept away from direct sunlight. Moreover, it should not be allowed to get wet or to receive less ventilation.


5.  Is the outdoor unit being appropriately fixed?

Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast.jpg

The previous point was the location. This point is the method of fixing it. It must be settled to a strong surface. It has to be attached to an object, which does not conduct electricity. Added to that, there are copper tubes; other kinds of pipelines and wirings, which must not be loosened or left casually on the ground. Also, check that the distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit that is to be maintained at a minimum of 15 metres.


6.  Are You Offering A Tilt To Normalise The Flow At The Drain Pipe?

Air Conditioning Installation hope island.jpg

Well, to permit the flow of condensed water from the drain pipe, you must keep a slight tilt angle at the indoor unit. Professionals of air conditioning unit installation in Gold Coast offer this slight tilt or angular position to the indoor unit by adding metal brackets in a very calculative way. Plus, they also locate the drain pipe correctly.


To Conclude

In recent years, split air con systems have been popular for several of the surprising traits they’re providing. However, the efficient and exceptional installation offered by Fusion Electrical God Coast make users get more than the most out of air con systems. The professionals at the company should be given credit for that along with its sheer dedication to produce more happiness for its clients through creating newer means of comfort.  

Who’s Your Trustworthy Electrician? Figure Out With These 5 Tips

Who’s Your Trustworthy Electrician.jpg

Electricity is one of the leading cause of fires and electrical shocks in Australia. Every now and then, you hear the news of people dying due to accidental electrical exposure. And mind you, this has not just been subjected to commercial and industrial sectors, but in domestic and residential areas as well.

Faulty wires, damaged electric box or ill-fitted electrical appliance, are never a good sign. And it’s best to take care of them properly and promptly. Your best bet to eradicate these issues once and for all is to hire licensed and professional electricians who have plenty of experience in handling such electrical problems.

But there are so many electricians operating around the Gold Coast region and so sorting one which has a good reputation could be daunting. But, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips which may help you figure out if your electrician is worth your time and investment.


I. Check Their Licensing And If They Provide Insurance Or Not:

Check The Licensing.jpg

Start off by inquiring about their license and how long have they been in this field or work. It is a mandatory rule for all electricians to possess a license. Furthermore, you also need to see if your chosen electrician carries a liability of around Au$500,000 along with the worker’s damage compensation insurance.  

This has to be the minimum criteria, and if the electrician in question doesn’t have any of these to show, then you should skip over to the next best option.


II. Next Is Their Qualification And Proof Of Work Competence:

Qualification And Proof Of Work.jpg

The second criterion for choosing proficient domestic electrical renovation experts in Gold Coast is their qualification. Look for electricians with top-level certifications which validate their quality customer satisfaction and superlative work performance.

Along with that, you also need proof of their work competence. For that, you will need to read their customer testimonial section and also examine the kind of services they are known to present. Top rated electricians will know how to tackle all sorts of faulty electrical issues.

Be if Repairing Fuse Boxes, Installing Air Conditioners or Setting Up Ceiling Fans, these specialists will know how to handle each of these issues when called upon.


III.  Ask If They Would Coordinate And Assure If The Work Is Being Done On Schedule:


When you appoint reputed electricians for your home building or remodelling project, it is not just for their electrical problems. Other aspects such as ensuring everything are set properly and according to your preferences and taking your opinions time after time, also include.

Simply put, a licensed and proficient electrician will always know how to work properly with everyone. They will coordinate the work status and even inform you if some requirement arises. They will ask you to follow-up regularly and regularly communicate with you whether the work is getting done according to the fixed schedule or not.

Do ask your chosen electrician about such matters and also seek some client references to confirm how well they work with others.


IV.  Finally, Check If Their Rates Are Competitive Or Not:

top-rated electricians in Gold Coast.jpg

Don’t forget to ask for service quotes and also to compare it with some other big names in the industry. This will tell you if they are competitive or not. Also, check out for special discounts or offers. Some top-rated electricians in Gold Coast will offer such as 10% discounts on installations done in April, May and June as well as 10% discounts for seniors on all their installations.

Follow these tips properly, and you will find no issue in getting an electrician who fits your needs and budgets adequately. As a suggestion, you can start speaking to electrical contractors of Fusion Elec GC and also seek for price quotes.

A Quick Guide on How to Get Your Air Conditioner Installation Right

air conditioning installation in Gold Coast.jpg

Now whether you have recently purchased a new house or have opted for a renovation, the need for air condition installation is something you need to pay attention to. Since it cannot be a DIY task due to the lack of expertise and experience on your part, it is often a question that whom to choose when it comes to installing them. 

While there are numerous people out there who claim to be expert with installation, you cannot just choose any random person that you come across. While the confusion stays on, here is a quick guide on how to choose the right people.

•    Ask your dealers for help as they are the ones who have collaboration with professionals who help out with air conditioning installation in Gold Coast. They would be genuine as it is the reputation of the dealer that would be at stake.

•    Get help from the Internet where you are likely to come across names of electricians who excel in such installation. While you get in touch with them, you get to know about the licenses that they own and the permits to handle branded appliances and their installations.

•    Sometimes asking neighbours also lets you come across trustworthy local electricians who would simply come over and help you with the installation while charging lesser fees than the rest coming over from far.

While the installation can be a cakewalk with these tips, there is the need to know about when and how you should plan for the purchase.


Make plans on what you require

Make plans on what you require.jpg

When it comes to installing air conditioners, there are numerous types of them available at the stores depending on the size of the room and the area it would cover when it comes to providing equal comfort in all corners of the room. This is where you are to chalk out a plan on what you want, the brand that you find is trustworthy and the amount of money that you can spend on the installation.


The right time to purchase an air conditioner

purchase an air conditioner.jpg

There is no fixed time to purchase an air conditioner, and it often depends on your feasibility. Even then, if you make plans to purchase them during the winters, you are likely to receive a lot of discounts in the appliance for the obvious reasons for it being the off-season for the sale of air conditioners. While you may bask in the glory of the discounts that you just received, you may not get access to the right type of air conditioner given the need for heaters in the winter season. When coming to the summers for a purchase, you would get a variety to choose from but not enjoy discounts given the peak season for its sale.

The experts say that spring or probably autumn is the right time for a purchase, it often depends on your luck whether you would receive what you need at the desired price. Therefore, keeping an eye on the offers and purchasing it on time would give you that desired respite from the heat in the summer months.    

Electrical Renovation – What Are the Areas You Should Focus On?

Electrical Renovation.jpg

When it comes to electrical renovation, many people freak out. Getting the most of the renovation in the framed budget should always be the top priority. Updating the electrical fittings or the wiring of the home is one of the leading aspects of the electrical renovation. The following is the list of some of the things that are needed to consider while carrying out the home electrical renovation-


1.     Upgrading the Switchboards and Re-wiring

Upgrading the Switchboards.jpg

It is obvious that none of the elements concerning electricity stays for long. There is always a functional degradation in the wires as well as the switchboards. This is common with the houses that are old or not been in use for years. Living in a house with worn-out wiring condition is dangerous.

The licensed and proficient electricians make sure that there are no dangerous wires present in the house. Therefore, reinstallation of the electrical wires is an important thing when it comes to electrical reformation.

The renovation also includes the addition of extra power points, switches meeting the standard to fulfil the need. The experts from the renowned electrical renovation companies suggest having reinstallation or up gradation of the electrical lines after every fixed interval of time.


2.     Introducing New Electrical Fittings

New Electrical Fittings.jpg

With the change in the technology, the design and the type of the electrical appliances have also changed. Therefore, to give the house a modern look, it is required to revamp the electrical fittings. The proficient, expert and experienced electrician from Gold Coast makes sure that these all are replaced with the latest models keeping in mind the power consumption. The modern day accessories are also not only trendy but also safe.


3.     Installing the Security Alarms

Installing the Security Alarms.jpg

The concept of security alarms is very new. Most old houses do not have the security alarms. Therefore, to have them installed, provisions need to be made. The electricians proficient in the renovation make sure that all the criteria for the safe installation of the security alarm are made.


4.     An Electric Spark at one of the Junction

An Electric Spark at one of the Junction.jpg

The continuous usage of the electrical wires leads to the degradation in the surface and the resistance power. Eventually leads to spark and short circuit. When there is any burnt mark in the vicinity of the wire junction or wall, electrical renovation is needed utmost. Ignoring this might lead to electrical hazards.


5.     Home Restructuring- Keep Electricity in Mind

Some of the small restructurings of the home might need electrical reinstallation at times. Damage or dampening of the wall always needs renovation. In the process of domestic renovation in Gold Coast, the owners of the houses opt for the electrical reconstruction for bettering the look of the house.


An electrical renovation is always going to be challenging if the right approach is not maintained. By getting in touch with the professional electricians from reputed companies like Fusion Electrical Gold Coast is always going to make things easier and simpler. The reputed electricians take care of all the needs and the safety issues to make the renovation an exquisite one.

Split Air Conditioning System Installation – Know the Critical Factors Involved

Split Air Conditioning System Installation.JPG

The weather in Australia requires you to install an air conditioning system in your house. It’s is not something that will be left unused for long days. Instead, be it a commercial zone or a residence, the use of the cooling system is growing over the time. However, before you rush and go shopping for the air conditioning system abruptly, you are required to give a little break.

Well, a lot of AC options are there in the market, but you need to know which one of those will prove to be most suitable for your premises. The split air conditioning system has always been the preferable option for those who are about to shop for a new AC or planning to upgrade the existing air conditioning system by replacing it with something new.

However, you need to consider a lot of factors that will determine that split AC system will be the ideal choice for you.


  • For which room do you want it?

experienced electrician in Gold coast.JPG

As per the view of the most experienced electrician in Gold coast, the size of the room is a crucial factor when you are purchasing and installing the air conditioning system. Whether the power of the cooling system is complying with that of the size of the room or not is a crucial factor to consider. Otherwise, the system will fail to provide you adequate cooling and a lot of pressure will fall on the compressor too.


  • What is the condition of air ventilation?

condition of air ventilation.JPG

Well, if the cold air gets passed through the ventilation, not much scope remains for controlling the room temperature. For instance, if you are installing it in a shop where the doors are always open for the customers, the excessive ventilation will not let the room cool down. Keeping your windows open for too long or not concentrating on the insulation of the room can also hamper the cooling of the room.


  • Have you thought about the energy efficiency?

the energy efficiency.JPG

Apparently, it may seem that when you are thinking about installing a split AC system, you have to be prepared to pay big fat bills for that. Well, things are not always like the way you think of it is to be. You can upgrade the cooling system by replacing the old system with the new one as a lot of energy efficient systems are available in the market in the recent times. Our experts can share some knowledge with you regarding how the right operation can ensure some energy saving.


  • Right installation is the key factor

Right installation.JPG

Absolutely! Correct installation of the air conditioning system is one of the major factors you are required to consider from the very beginning. Choose to let the experts of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast handle the installation as they know how to measure the area and determine the right place to ensure even distribution of air inside the room.


Last Thoughts

From choosing the right HVAC tube to making the hole in the wall, everything depends on the skill of the professionals who also have the experience of dealing with the air conditioning installation in Gold Coast previously. The correct installation and right usage of split air conditioning system can eventually reduce the energy consumption and keep the system last for a prolonged time.

Signs That You Need Professionals for Replacement and Installation of Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Installation hope-island.jpg

The use of air conditioner is not a luxury anymore. Considering the temperature of Australian summer in mind, it can be said that you need to install one right now in your house as well as in your commercial zone. However, if you are already an air conditioner user and it has been quite a few years now, you are required to take note of the signs that it has started showing.

It’s crucial as because the signs will tell you about the severity of the situation. You may not always need to replace the air conditioner when the issues can be resolved by simple repairing hacks. On the other hand, if you find out reasons to replace it, you should never attempt DIY and only trust the experienced professionals associated with air conditioning installation in Gold Coast as it can cause you significant troubles later on.

Use the finest domestic electricians in the Gold Coast, check for signs that you need to take into consideration for replacing or re-installing the air conditioner you already have.


  • Has it crossed 15 years time span?

Air Conditioning Installation.jpg

Well, 15 years is a long time for appliances like the air conditioner to run smoothly, without causing any trouble. Even if it does not result in any major problem, you should replace it to save some energy.

The older an air conditioner gets, the more energy consumption it uses. You will find a lot of new energy-efficient models of AC systems are available in the market and replacing your old air conditioner will undoubtedly help you save a significant amount of money.


  • Is it being installed in the right place?


A lot of people come up with the complaint to our domestic electricians in Gold Coast that although they have a new AC, they still don`t find the room cool enough. One of the prime reasons behind this situation is undoubtedly the wrong placement or installation of the AC.

It is probably because you have not taken the help of the professionals before and that is why you need to let us install it once again. This time, you are sure to feel the difference in the room temperature.


  • Is there nasty smell all around?

nasty smell.jpg

Evidently, it is one of the most common situations where your kids may start telling about the nasty smell they are finding all over the room. Even, it can turn out to be a burning smell. At this stage, you should stop panicking and search for the best deals on new air conditioning system that will replace the malfunctioned one. At the next step, you are recommended to call the experts of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast and let them handle the installation for letting your kids feel safe and comfortable again.


  • Are you spending too much money on the repairing?

spending too much money.jpg

If it is old and out of the warranty period, there is no point of keep on pouring money on the repairing or servicing anymore. Well, you may find that the amount of money you mighthave invested in buying the AC 6 or 7 years back is almost equal to the money you have invested in the repairing. It’s pointless! That is one of the signs you must not ignore to make sure the money you are spending is worth it.


To Sum Up…

It is not a daunting task to find out the signs whether your AC needs to be replaced or not if you know the right rules. However, as soon as you find it, you should act promptly and get connected with us for fast replacement or installation. Our experts will assist you from the starting point to the finish line of the installation so that you can start to get started to feel cold breeze soon.

Know Why You Should Not Attempt Diy Ceiling Fan Installation?

Electrician_Gold coast.jpg

Have you just bought a new ceiling fan for your home? Well, it is undoubtedly a right decision on your part as compared the air conditioning system you already have in your home; a ceiling fan will consume much less energy and save you a lot of money at the end of the month. However, if you are thinking to install the fan in your home by yourself, it may not be a wise decision on your part. 

It may seem to be easy for you to think that all you need to do is to attach the fan to the existing wiring to get it started. But, with no experience of dealing with wiring or electricity related work, it can turn out to be quite dangerous for you. Moreover, it’s crucial to install the fan in an appropriate place for even air distribution. Your minimum experience, in this case, will prove to be a significant issue, for sure!

What is the way out then? Well, the expertise of professional electricians associated with ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast is going to be your saviour in this case. Fusion Electrical Gold Coast is undoubtedly the best platform where you can find such specialist experts with no hassle at all.

But at first, get to know the reasons or risk factors involved in the DIY fan installation.


  • You can get seriously injured
Fusion (2).jpg

While you are doing it yourself, you are required to reach out to the ceiling with a ladder that needs to be stabilized by someone else. Well, but you don’t have the experience of getting up on a ladder and without any harness. As a result, you can fall straight down from such a height and evidently get seriously injured.


  • Faulty installation and the following problems
Electrician-Hope Island.jpg

Let’s face it! You are not an expert when it comes to electrical fixtures. The defective installation is going to cost you later on. You ought to be super careful about that. No matter, how intensely you follow the installation manual or the DIY tutorials, there are some tricks and tactics of flawless installation that you will always be missing out.


  • Causing other electrical issues

You will never know how you are going to end up with this project without causing any disruption in the already existing electrical system. You may not have the expertise to handle the electrical issues in a fair way. You may not realise this but plugging the fan into a different electrical system may cause electrical malfunction to the entire power supply.


  • No experience of checking the power capability
Domestic_Renovation Gold Coast.jpg

One of the common issues that pop up among the DIY installers is their inability to check the power supply before the installation process. You may not know whether the ceiling you are using for installation will be compatible with the fan or not.

Moreover, it is crucial for you to know whether the wires the fan will be connected to is free from all sorts of damage or not. If your area is prone to electrical power fluctuations, it can smoke spark and even set fire. Do you want that your small mistake to cause such a massive property loss.



From the above discussion, it is quite evident that it is always a wise decision to appoint the electricians from the local electrical companies in Gold Coast who will give you a prompt solution and install the ceiling fan within the quickest possible time. Opt for the hassle free process and switch to energy efficient living style.

The 4 Electrical Safety Measures That You Can Adopt at Home

Electrician Gold_coast.jpg

Whether it is a residential space or a commercial one, electricity is something that comes to use everywhere and just the way it is beneficial to us, its misuse can turn out to be dangerously fatal. With numerous deaths being the result of electrical hazards both at homes as well as commercial spaces, there is the need to ensure that electrics and its aspects are handled in the safest way.

When talking about homes and the role electricity plays, there is a need for every all the time. Whether it concerns bathing with warm water or relaxing on a hot summer day in an air-conditioned room, you make use of it to ensure that your life is easy. What homeowners forget or probably fail to realise is that any faults with the wiring, appliances or any other devices shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. The need for expert attention becomes imperative.

When speaking to a professional domestic electricians in Gold Coast, they too agree with the fact that they cannot be everywhere all the time and it is the responsibility of the owners to take necessary safety measures that keep them safe.  


Call upon the professionals on a regular basis

Electrician Hope_Island.jpg

Most homes have the wires set within the walls or probably covered in casings, and any defect anywhere cannot often be detected. The same goes for appliances that you make use of on a daily basis. With regular use, it witnesses wear and tears and any defect caused wouldn’t surface all on a particular day. Problems build up, and eventually, it turns out to be dangerous. This is the reason why the need for the regular checks or maintenance is required. This allows them to check the electrics of the house that would cover all areas and accordingly detect and repair the necessary areas just so that you stay safe.


Get rid of old wires

Commercial Electricians Gold Coast.jpg

Long before pvc cased wires came into being, the wiring system consisted of wires that were covered with rubber. Since rubber is a good insulator, it was the best option back then. With time things have changed, and the present wiring system consists of synthetic fibres that cover wires. With time rubber tends to wear off and often letting wires to be exposed. If your house is an old one and there are rubber covered wires everywhere, ensure that they are replaced just so that there is no dangerous exposure.


Handle appliances with care

Domestic Electricians Gold Coast.jpg

There are times when you touch an appliance and you receive a mild shock in return, that is when it has started to come up with faults and needs immediate attention. If you witness problems while it is switched on, there is the need to immediately stop work and call for professional help. To prevent further complications, allowing them to be fed via safety switches can help you stay away from danger.


Do not manhandle switches and sockets


There are times when people, to save time, pull out plugs from the sockets without switching it off completely. This is when it contributes to electrical surges. Touching sockets, plugs and switches with wet hands can get dangerous and that may result in shocks.

While you adopt and take all these precautions, you are likely to stay safe and prevent your house from grave electrical consequences.