Your ceiling fan is meant to give you comfort, not pester your brain and give you earaches. Squeaky fans give out a strange humming, rattling or buzzing sound, and they are down-right irritating. However, it also indicates that there is a looming issue which can happen anytime soon.

If your ceiling fan becoming a cause of your worry, then it’s about time that you try to eliminate the problem once and for all. Hiring commercial electricians in Gold Coast will prove to be a good option in many ways. They will come down to your residence quickly, inspect comprehensively to isolate the issue and then take care of it in a professional manner.

These Experts Understand All The Languages Of Your Ceiling Fan:

When It’s Humming – if your fan is making a humming sound then it means that there are some issues with the dimmer. However, there are other reasons. Those include if

Ceiling Fan
  • A bad capacitor
  • Or even a singular controller/circuit for multiple fans

Each of these reasons can cause that horrible humming noise. Depending on the issue, these experts will determine the sort of troubleshoot which they will need to do.

If the noise is due to the dimmer, they will simply replace it with a standardised speed controller. If a bad capacitor is your culprit, then they will quickly change the cups. However if the noise is due to a low voltage which results due to scare distribution of electricity, these electricians will suggest you keep a separate circuit for the fan which is making noise.

When It Rattles Or Say Makes A Grinding Noise If your fan is giving out a grinding sound, then the cause of that possibly could be that the ball bearing within its motor is bad. A few ceiling fans also have flywheels affixing the blades to the fan’s motor. Another reason could be that these flywheels are broken or that the blades are scraping the cup housing.

constant humming noise

Contrarily, if your fan is making a strange rattling noise, then it means that blades are loose and need tightening up. Though you could do this on your own, hiring professionals ensures that the screws are tightened appropriately and not overly tight. Another possibility could be the wiring within the switch house. These experts will turn the main power switch off and ensure that the wire connections are not at all rattling into one another. They will make a few tweaks to ensure that the wires do not rattle against the switch house’s interior wall.

Whatever be the reason, as a part of their complete ceiling fan installation in Gold Coast, they will thoroughly inspect each of these possibilities and ensure that the grinds and rattles rest in peace!

If It Creaks Another common noise which you will find in your ceiling fan is when it makes a creaking sound. This takes place due to the blades. To eliminate the noise, these experts will first check if the noise is resulting from the motor or not. They will test it without blades at first, and if the issue is actually with the blades, they will replace blade places and re-tighten them properly.

Do All These Occurrences Sound Similar? Well, then it’s time to make the call to these professional commercial electricians around the Gold Coast region immediately. They know all your ceiling fan’s tunes and will indubitably offer some quality and permanent fixes.