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Electrical emergencies are like the uninvited guests whom you don't want in your house but can't ignore when they have finally arrived. However, it is a serious business indeed! Whether the emergency occurs in your home or any power outage occurs in your commercial store – the first thought that should come to your mind is to find out the ways to deal with it.

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that the instant reaction to such emergencies is nothing but panic! People will panic no matter how hard you try to calm them down. Notably, in a full commercial zone, you can never restrict the crowd from getting frantic or scared in the case fire breaks in due to electrical failure.

At such conditions, keeping your calm and take the right measures to bring things under control. Here are some of the tips that might help. Take a look.


  • Don’t Throw Water, Use Fire Extinguisher


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The very first step people do to stop electrical malfunctions is throwing water on the fire with the thought that it will come under control. However, in the hastiness, people tend to forget the fact that water is an electrical conductor and therefore when the water is splashed on electrical wires, it can worsen the situation.

Safety Tip: Under such situations, using the fire extinguisher is the right way to move forward. The extinguishers contain sodium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate and carbon dioxide that help in putting out the fire without penetrating the electrical system.


  • Don’t try DIY methods, Call up the electricians instead

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It will be an unwise decision on your part to move forward and try out some DIY tricks to take control of the situation. In the case, the situation gets out of your hands, there is no way you will be able to handle it, and the situation will be much worse than you have imagined.

Safety Tip: As the best safety precaution, it is recommended to call up the best commercial electricians in Gold Coast as soon as possible and wait until they arrive. Connecting with Fusion Electrical Gold Coast will be the best decision as our professionals always remain geared up for dealing with adverse issues.


  •  Evacuate the place ASAP



It is suggested to clear out the zone as immediately as you can before the fire becomes enormous and the doors get blocked. Staying there and panicking will not bring in a good result in this case.

Safety Tip: While you are evacuating a commercial zone, you cannot just let the crowd get lose and find their way as getting down from the staircases will bring in additional problems. Under this situation, help the people find their way by assisting them with a volunteer or any worker in your store so that the evacuation process cannot create any more panic.


  • Cut the Main Power

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As an immediate step to be taken for controlling such a huge power outrage is by cutting the main power source right away. It will shut down the entire power supply and make things safer.

Safety Tip: Do not get too close to the power line without having adequate safety gears made of bad conductors of electricity. It can take your life, so be careful.

Final Words

The team of some of the best electrician in Hope Island associated with Fusion Electrical is always there to help you out, even during emergency situations. However, in the cases of such power outages, you are also required to call up the ambulance services to help the people who were inside the store.