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Have you moved to a new address? Pull up your socks, mate!! You need to have the air conditioning system installed at the earliest now that the notorious Aussie summer is knocking your door. And do not forget, that it will be Christmas Time as well, in two months or so from now.  

So get in touch with a company that not only installs ceiling fans to help you beat the Aussie heat, but that is also an expert air conditioner installer. It's wise to opt for a contractor that will install the AC along with the ceiling fans, for it will help in savings. You will find many such names in the Gold Coast area. However, you need to opt for the best one of them to ensure quality.

But how? Each of these contractors will any way claim to be the best in the business. Hence it’s your call to do the fact-finding. A few questions that you ask them will make your effort trifle easier.  

What capacity or size of AC you need?

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This will be the first question that you need to ask the electrical contractors you get in touch with. The technicians of the reputed electrical contractors of the Gold Coast will ask a few details regarding the layout of your home and the dimension thereof, to provide you with the correct information.

For instance, if you get in touch with us at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast and ask for this info, our seasoned and competent technicians will be able to provide the right info in a jiffy after they get a notion about the layout and the area of your home. That’s the difference between a quality company like us and an average one.

What proof can they provide to prove that they are bonded and licensed?

This is again, another critical question that you need to raise. Indeed, it is imperative that you put money on a company that is bonded as well as insured. Reputed and quality companies are home to technicians who are comprehensively trained, adequately experienced and are all licensed.

Companies that are competent and reputed will be able to provide every relevant proof that you need to ascertain their validity and competency.

Are they able to handle all the required approvals and permits from the local authorities?

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Before you appoint these contractors, you need to make sure that the company you bank on can bag all the approvals and permits that are needed from the authorities.

For instance, if there is no exemption applied, a contractor licensed under QBCC or Queensland Building and Construction Commission is needed to be hired to carry out any work related to HVAC system, including air conditioning installation at Gold Coast residence if the value of the work exceeds AUS$3300.

Hence, you see, there are so many technicalities associated with AC installation at your Gold Coast, Queensland home. Therefore, the company you eye on MUST be competent enough to come in terms with them.

Here is where we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast make the difference. Get in touch with us, and you get the best service that you can imagine of, in every aspect!!