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Yes, that cool feel produced by your ceiling fan is a ripper thing to enjoy. But, that may not mean the machine is enjoying this assignment of yours if it faces few problems.

Ceiling fan issues are normal and they can appear due to faulty maintenance or improper installation measures. In this regard, you just need to keep your eyes open and look for any possible problems, which affect your ceiling fan to a great extent.

If you're still not sure about the faults commonly found in a ceiling fan, then read this blog and get to be aware of what's wrong in it.

1. Flickering Lights Indicate Additional Issues

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Some of the fans have a light fixture in them. This matter gets to indicate a variety of things regarding the fan’s structure, its fixture with the ceiling and the light as well, its connection with the main power source and a lot. Flickering lights may mean the bulbs inside are getting loosened. It is possible for them to fall off any moment. The said issue also hints to the faulty maintenance and monitoring of the main power line’s connection with the fan. Flickering lights also mean there is something wrong with the voltage supply that damages the components of the ceiling fan.

2. Terrible Problems May Appear with a Noisy Fan

Why is it terrible? Well, if you have installed the fan wrongly or used inappropriate materials in the said process during a project of domestic renovation in Gold Coast, then it may bring for you terrible disasters like the fan falling off from the ceiling at a sudden point and its outcomes can be FATAL. One of the principle reasons for this cause is when the fan produces noise. It either can be any kind of distracting sound or a grinding (or rubbing) sound. Both of them can be projected at a mild to intense level .

3. A Wobbly Ceiling Fan Means the Same Danger

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A ceiling fan gets connected with the help of its separated parts. These parts include the down rod, blade brackets, box screws and many more. If they aren’t attached properly and the fan is made to rotate in that way, then it will wobble, will produce sounds with wobbling in some cases and can fall off any moment.

4. It’s Not Pacing Up

Although there is a regulator, your ceiling fan isn’t pacing up. Call in a professional electrician in Southport as soon as you can as it is also a dangerous situation my mate. It means the fan has run out of lubricants or it has some wiring issues. If you tend to ignore this and keep pushing your fan to pace up, then it may give out occasional sparks and get really hot.

5. The Ceiling Fan Isn’t Turning On

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That means you may have a loose connection between the fan and the main power source. However, this problem also directs to the circuit breaker, which can be faulty, switched off or tripped.

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