If there is one thing which most people are obsessed about, its Doing-It-Themselves. Take AC installation for instance. Most people don’t have a clue about installing their cooling unit- but they are still hell-bent on doing it themselves. Their obsession and ignorance often lead to AC installation mistakes.

Be smart and skip DIY for once, as the lifespan and functionality of your AC unit depends on it.

Here are some common blunders of AC Installation to avoid at all costs!

1.Issues In The Air Flow:

You have installed your AC unit only to find that after switching it on; you find that it is not cooling as effectively as it should.

What could be wrong? Whenever your cooling unit behaves like this; there is a chance that it has some airflow issues. Proper airflow is dependant on the tons the unit is cooling.

Example- 1-ton unit requires approximately 400 cubic feet per minute of airflow. And it has to be set up prior to charging the AC unit with its coolant.

Too complicated, right? That’s why you should leave this to our AC installation experts. With their knowledge and expertise, they will figure out the root of the issue and troubleshoot it adequately.

2.Inappropriate Electrical Hook Up:


This is another common AC installation blunder to avoid. Your AC unit requires proper grounding and hooking up to the right electrical source- 240 Volts to be exact! With that; you also need to use the appropriate wire gauge.

Not doing it right will cause issues in your AC unit. There are other electrical issues too such as installing the right sized breaker.

Truth be told, comprehending these intricate aspects when performing DIY will be difficult for you. But for our professional AC installation experts at Fusion Electrical GC, this will be easy.

3.Suction Line Comprises of No Insulation:

Insulating the suction line is another important aspect to proper AC installation. If the suction line consists of no insulation, the efficiency of your AC unit goes down considerably.

The same issue will happen if the insulation is performed inappropriately.

It is a job for our licensed and experienced electrician in Surfers Paradise, and so you should not hesitate in giving us a call ASAP!

4.Insufficient Space Between The AC Unit And The Wall:


Be it split ACs or wall ACs; there should be sufficient space between the wall and your cooling unit. This applies to both the sides, ensuring proper airflow and accurate functioning.

Again, this is an aspect which you would have little or no knowledge. So, it’s best left to our experts to install your unit with adequate space.

5.Wrong Size of The AC Unit:

One more AC installation blunder is having the wrong sized unit. If your cooling unit is not in its optimum size, it may not be able to cool the space it is meant for. And if the size is too big, then it could lead to de-humidification. Furthermore, with large sized AC units, it would prevent you from switching on and off on a constant basis.

These are some of the common AC installation blunders which you should avoid at all costs.

Presenting impeccable air conditioning installation services in Surfers Paradise, our experts at Fusion Electrical GC will leave no room for complaints.

You can request our service quotes and let us know if you have an AC unit to be installed. Plus we also offer monthly special offers. Feel safe to browse!