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Ceiling fans are the staple for most Australian homes, and for good reasons too.  

  • They consume less energy.

  • They are cost-effective in comparison to AC units.

  • And they are sold in a variety of different styles and colour combinations.  

Most modern-day ceiling fans are versatile, meaning they look good at just about any given house decor. Not to forget, they also circulate warmer air during winter seasons, thus reducing the usage of appliances and electricity consumption.  

But, as is the nature of all electrical equipment, they tend to malfunction with time. Fortunately, majority of the fan issues happen due to poor installation, and each of them can be fixed with the help of our qualified, licensed and experienced ceiling fan experts.  

In this post; you will learn about those common flaws that happen (or could happen) to your ceiling fan. Follow closely now! 

1. It Wobbles:

Wobbling Fan.jpg

Ever come across a ceiling fan which wobbles. Worse case scenarios are when your fan looks as if it will fan down when switching on.  

There are three reasons why it could happen. 

  • Fan is not correctly installed (the obvious one)

  • Its blades have been damaged and need replacements

  • Or if the fan is of low-quality

Other than the last reason which only seems to encourage replacing it, our experts providing quality ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast will be happy to look into the other two causes.  

They will reinstall it by replacing the screws. And if damaged blades are the issue, they will replace the blades and fit them properly. 

2. Rotates In The Opposite Direction:

Fan Circulating Opposite To What It Should.jpg

Traditionally, ceiling fans are meant to circulate in an anti-clockwise direction, as it is meant to push the air downwards. However, most modern day fans can work in both directions. A fan which circulates clockwise will pull the air upwards and hence it is used in winter seasons. 

Now, if you find your ceiling fan is rotating in a direction opposite to what it was meant to, then the issue lies in the winding of its motor. Have a word to out experts at “Fusion Electrical GC”, and they will be happy to sort out the issue for you. 

3. Rotates Slowly:

Slow Rotations.jpg

Isn’t Your Ceiling Fan Moving At Full Speed?  

If it is not, then it means that there is something wrong in the capacitor- more specifically, it has burned out.  

Fret not, mate; this is an easy fix for our electrical contractors in the Gold Coast region. They will replace the burned out capacitor and fix your fan so that it runs at optimal speed again.

4. It Makes Noise:

Noisy  Fans.jpg

Another common issue that you could face (or have faced) is the strange hammering or drumming sound occurring from your ceiling fan. The issue could be in the bearing, and being well aware of it, our professionals will oil the bearings and check to see if the fan still makes noises. 

If the issue continues, they will remove the old bearings and replace it adequately with a new one. 

Final Words: 

Each and every electrical contractor at “Fusion Electrical GC” promises prompt repairs and installations without compromising on quality. To ensure your experience is a pleasing one; we keep our repair/installation rates budget-friendly. 

So, If You Have a Ceiling Fan That Refuses To Work Properly, Despite All Your Efforts; don’t delay in calling our experts. Using their experience and understanding of different fan issues, they will restore your fan to normal.