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Electricity is one of the leading cause of fires and electrical shocks in Australia. Every now and then, you hear the news of people dying due to accidental electrical exposure. And mind you, this has not just been subjected to commercial and industrial sectors, but in domestic and residential areas as well.

Faulty wires, damaged electric box or ill-fitted electrical appliance, are never a good sign. And it’s best to take care of them properly and promptly. Your best bet to eradicate these issues once and for all is to hire licensed and professional electricians who have plenty of experience in handling such electrical problems.

But there are so many electricians operating around the Gold Coast region and so sorting one which has a good reputation could be daunting. But, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips which may help you figure out if your electrician is worth your time and investment.


I. Check Their Licensing And If They Provide Insurance Or Not:

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Start off by inquiring about their license and how long have they been in this field or work. It is a mandatory rule for all electricians to possess a license. Furthermore, you also need to see if your chosen electrician carries a liability of around Au$500,000 along with the worker’s damage compensation insurance.  

This has to be the minimum criteria, and if the electrician in question doesn’t have any of these to show, then you should skip over to the next best option.


II. Next Is Their Qualification And Proof Of Work Competence:

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The second criterion for choosing proficient domestic electrical renovation experts in Gold Coast is their qualification. Look for electricians with top-level certifications which validate their quality customer satisfaction and superlative work performance.

Along with that, you also need proof of their work competence. For that, you will need to read their customer testimonial section and also examine the kind of services they are known to present. Top rated electricians will know how to tackle all sorts of faulty electrical issues.

Be if Repairing Fuse Boxes, Installing Air Conditioners or Setting Up Ceiling Fans, these specialists will know how to handle each of these issues when called upon.


III.  Ask If They Would Coordinate And Assure If The Work Is Being Done On Schedule:


When you appoint reputed electricians for your home building or remodelling project, it is not just for their electrical problems. Other aspects such as ensuring everything are set properly and according to your preferences and taking your opinions time after time, also include.

Simply put, a licensed and proficient electrician will always know how to work properly with everyone. They will coordinate the work status and even inform you if some requirement arises. They will ask you to follow-up regularly and regularly communicate with you whether the work is getting done according to the fixed schedule or not.

Do ask your chosen electrician about such matters and also seek some client references to confirm how well they work with others.


IV.  Finally, Check If Their Rates Are Competitive Or Not:

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Don’t forget to ask for service quotes and also to compare it with some other big names in the industry. This will tell you if they are competitive or not. Also, check out for special discounts or offers. Some top-rated electricians in Gold Coast will offer such as 10% discounts on installations done in April, May and June as well as 10% discounts for seniors on all their installations.

Follow these tips properly, and you will find no issue in getting an electrician who fits your needs and budgets adequately. As a suggestion, you can start speaking to electrical contractors of Fusion Elec GC and also seek for price quotes.