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Well, if there’s pleasing air inside your home, then it is the reflection of a successful air con installation.  

The said process is a bit sensitive. For this reason, people always consider the machines to be administered by professionals. But whether or not they help you in making the most out of this process, you must put some efforts from your side to set it perfect. Either for domestic building renovation in Gold Coast or for an upgrading operation for temperature control, a split AC installation must not be void about the checking some vital points before pro people set to work.

Well, you should be eager to know these facts. Here they are for your privilege.


1. Is The Wall Strong Enough To Hold The AC?

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Always remember that a split AC has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mainly attached to a wall with its ‘even but a bit bulkier’ structure sticking out a bit from the wall’s surface.  You must check if the wall is strong enough to hold it permanently.  If you’re unsure, ask the professionals.


2. Are You Keeping The Right Gap From The Ceiling And Side Walls

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There should be at least 15 cm gap between the AC and the side walls. The same gap should be maintained for the ceiling too. This measurement is apt for mechanical support and safety to the said air con system.  


3.  Are You Placing It High Enough?

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There should be a minimum of 7 to 8 feet gap between the ground level (or the floor) with the split air con system. It is done for avoiding human contact with the device and, of course, for allowing the machine to provide efficient services.


4.  Are You Positioning The Outdoor Unit Rightly?

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Well, the outdoor unit contains the compressor. Thus, it should be positioned with critical concern as it is placed outside. For the involvement of vital parts in it, the outdoor unit should be kept away from direct sunlight. Moreover, it should not be allowed to get wet or to receive less ventilation.


5.  Is the outdoor unit being appropriately fixed?

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The previous point was the location. This point is the method of fixing it. It must be settled to a strong surface. It has to be attached to an object, which does not conduct electricity. Added to that, there are copper tubes; other kinds of pipelines and wirings, which must not be loosened or left casually on the ground. Also, check that the distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit that is to be maintained at a minimum of 15 metres.


6.  Are You Offering A Tilt To Normalise The Flow At The Drain Pipe?

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Well, to permit the flow of condensed water from the drain pipe, you must keep a slight tilt angle at the indoor unit. Professionals of air conditioning unit installation in Gold Coast offer this slight tilt or angular position to the indoor unit by adding metal brackets in a very calculative way. Plus, they also locate the drain pipe correctly.


To Conclude

In recent years, split air con systems have been popular for several of the surprising traits they’re providing. However, the efficient and exceptional installation offered by Fusion Electrical God Coast make users get more than the most out of air con systems. The professionals at the company should be given credit for that along with its sheer dedication to produce more happiness for its clients through creating newer means of comfort.