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Installation of commercial air conditioning units is a different ball game altogether. Firstly, you will have to choose a company that is specifically expert in installation of these commercial units.  

Do not be lured by the service of the company that had installed the AC at your home with flying colours. They might be good at the installation of domestic AC units, but when it comes to installation of commercial AC units, they might make it a dog's breakfast. 

Hence, vouch on names that are expert in installation of commercial units SPECIFICALLY! And if you can come across a company that’s expert in installation of AC units for your home as well as your office, that will make your day. 

Ahoy! That’s where we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast make the difference. With one of the best electrician teams of Surfers Paradise, we are as good a name in the installation of residential AC units as we are, when it comes to installing them at offices and other commercial complexes.  

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But what exactly do you need to know while selecting a company?  

There are quite a few things that you need to know about the company that you are eyeing on. 

See if they can ascertain your needs  

This is something that the company you eye on has to have. It has to have the intellect and the experience to oversee your complex and ascertain the exact nature of air conditioning system you will need for your commercial complex.   

They take a lot of things into account before coming to a conclusion. That includes the dimension of the complex, the computer systems and other heat-generating electronic devices it has, the footfall or the number of employees it will have at any given point in time, and so on. 

Naturally, these companies have the experienced specialists who are pretty spiffy in ascertaining all these factors and coming to a concrete solution and conveying the same to you. We pride to say that we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast IS A NAME that is simply one of the best in this!  

Check if it can work in sync with other service providers  

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This is another MUST HAVE QUALITY that your air conditioning installation company at Gold Coast should have. You must keep in mind that it is not only about the installation of an individual unit at your home. It may involve installation of multiple units and this may coincide with the installation of other systems pertaining to the business you are running. 

Thus, they will have to work in synch with other suppliers and technicians for a foolproof installation. Hence, your company should have the ability to work with the other contractors and suppliers, more so if your complex is a newly-built one.  

Here again, we make a difference. The mission and vision of our endeavour are to understand the need of our clients and help in their business in all possible ways. Our technicians are thus experienced enough to come up with a seamless work in sync with suppliers and technicians to make sure that the AC installation at your complex is picture-perfect. 

So here we are, with one of the best commercial AC installation companies of Gold Coast. Get in touch with us at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast for the best commercial AC installation.