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There have been people who are still confused about whether to opt for a ducted AC system or a split AC system. This is not a very wise sign - to say the least. Ducted AC system is an altogether different genre of AC system, with its own advantages and some uniqueness that are very much different from the split variety.

Now regardless of whether you are purchasing the ducted AC system for the first time, or just upgrading it, it is essential to know the advantages of using one. This helps you to be aware of the proper methods of using the system in one way or the other, which in turns would help the system to run more efficiently.

The popularity - the first good thing to deal with

Ironically speaking, using ducted AC systems is more advantageous because of their getup and the biology of their systems. The system ideally consists of an outdoor unit, which connects to an indoor unit.

The indoor unit either be stationed on the floor or can be suspended from the ceiling. And the modern machines are so sleek and come up with so much finesse, that they do not kill much space. On the contrary, they act an interior decor at times, lifting the ambience of the room by quite a few notches.

Hence, no wonder such a machine will be popular. If you are to join the league, this is a reason enough to be so.

The advantages

Ok - now let us get into the more serious chapter. What are the advantages that lure households to ask the domestic electricians of Gold Coast to install ducted systems rather than anything else?

Proper disbursement of air

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Firstly, the system would allow the air that is appropriately air conditioned to be evenly disbursed to every nook and cranny of the house. The household can similarly create different temperature in different areas or room of their home, with the use of remote controls.  

The quietness

As opposed to the split variety, ducted air con systems run without making any noise whatsoever, making them the quietest of all the types of ACs in operation.

This is one significant advantage, which makes them hugely popular to be used in hospitals and clinics, offices and other commercial complexes where quietness is a prerogative. These are the places, where the authorities in Gold Coast would prefer ducted aircon installation more than anything else.  

There is another catch, which actually acts as an advantage in the hind side. When it comes to taking care of these aircon systems, one has to be absolutely thorough.

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In other words, the entire duct system, all the outdoor units and every indoor unit need to be replenished to make sure the system is properly revamped and serviced. Otherwise, the very purpose of the maintenance is defeated.

While on one hand, this proves to be a tedious exercise, on the other, it almost compels people to go for holistic maintenance of the system, and this results in a much-improved performance at the end of the day. So it’s another advantage - after all!

Truly, all these go for the support of the fact that why we at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast are into installation of ducted AC system more than installation of any other variety of Air Con System. And the fact that we are one of the best in the business, does a world of good to our repute as well!