No matter how simple it may appear, the installation of a ceiling fan is something that needs the intervention of a seasoned electrical contractor. There are so many technical nitty-gritty attached to the ceiling fan installation, that the task demands a specialist's involvement unless you are an expert in installation of electrical appliances.

And again, if you take into consideration the ceiling fan installation, things may not be that 'simple' much against the popular belief. For example, if you are planning to install a ceiling fan in a room where you do not have any access to the attic, it needs a unique technique to be followed. Only a quality electrical contractor with considerable experience will be able to install it.

It is not a very difficult task, provided if one has suitable tools. Experienced electrical contractors in the Gold Coast area have them, and that, coupled with the experience they have makes them the right ones for the job.

Take, for instance, Fusion Electrical Gold Coast. We are one of the most trusted electricians who will carry out the installation in a foolproof way.

How do we carry out the task?

Well, when it comes to installing a ceiling fan at a place without any attic access, we follow specific proven steps.

The Initial Step

The first step includes turning off the power connection to the circuit. This is followed by testing the fixture with a voltage tester.


The Steps That Follow

There are a number of steps that need to be followed and they depend upon the situation that prevails. For instance, if there is an existing electrical fixture, that has to be removed, and the wires need to be inspected.

This is followed by the removal of the existing fixture box. However, if possible, it can also be doctored without tampering the wires and their tips to facilitate installation of the ceiling fan. The wires are checked though, to find whether they are suitable to be used, or they need to be replaced. Their replacement is carried out with the help of wire strippers.


The Installation

The third step involves installation of the fan itself, with proper wiring and the connection being set up. Steps are taken to ensure that the installation is absolutely safe and secured, with appropriate wiring being set up.

The wires are run through the grommet and then into the fixture box. Needle-nose pliers are used so that the wires can be run through the grommet.


This is followed by the assembly of the fan and setting it up at the intended position and then establishing the connection perfectly.

Well, this is not to describe how we install ceiling fans. This is just to exhibit how immaculate we are in our task of ceiling fan installation at rooms of Gold Coast households where there is no access to the attic.

Indeed, Fusion Electrical Gold Coast is one of the most trusted names when it comes to these kinds of electrical appliance installation. Based in Hope Island, we are one of the most reputed names you can turn to for ceiling fan installation. Call at 0478821241 for prompt service.