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Have you already planned for your interior renovation in this new year? Well, you must realise that it will remain incomplete without an electrical renovation. For that, first, you need to know what are the newest additions to the block. It's not only about the designs!

But, the colour temperature, optics, efficacy - everything regarding lighting should be taken into consideration when we are discussing the new trends of light in your home.

Hear it from the experts of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast. Being the reputed local electricians in Gold Coast, we have already served a lot of homeowners with electrical renovations.

And, we consider it as our responsibility to keep you informed about the recent changes and updates in the lighting trends. So, here we are. Hear us out before you finalise the electrical fixtures.

Trend 1: Energy Efficiency through Conservation

The most significant change or trendsetter in lighting at this time is maximum energy conservation. Energy efficiency has always been one of the core focus areas of Australian Building Codes Board and this year the NCC 2019 energy efficiency requirements have also got an update.

So, basically, the focus is on using LED lights more and more. And, with the introduction of new chips offering high-efficacy rate, people can actually save 70% of total energy consumption for lighting by replacing the old generation LED lights with the improved ones.

Trend 2: Going Minimal in Design

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If you only focus on the appearance, you will see, people are actually going back in time. The retro and industrial style of lighting has come back, and people are more likely to use it in their homes.

And, how can you stay away from the charming chandeliers featuring Edison style light bulbs exuding a vintage touch? As per our specialist Gold Coast electrical contractors, With the purpose of energy conservation, bigger lights and pendants are being used extensively in the previous year. In this year, this particular style is going to rule as well for better coverage.

Trend 3: Sensor Lighting is Going to Rule

Sensor lighting has become quite popular in Australia for the last few years, and it will be opted by a large scale of people this year as well. Sensor-based lighting arrangements have grown in popularity because of the environmental factor.

It's undoubtedly a smarter way to ensure that your energy bills are not high and also you are not becoming a part of excessive energy use over the time.

Trend 4: Led Lighting is Getting Cost-effective

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So, when you are planning for energy savings, the LED lights have gone cheaper in price as well. But, that does not mean, it has gone down anywhere in terms of efficiency.

Instead, you can find many LED lighting options are being introduced in the market available in different shapes, sizes, brightness and colours. The price drop will give you the benefit of switching to LED all at once and make the electrical renovation happen.

Final Words

We are your one-stop destination when you are searching for residential and commercial electrical installation Gold Coast. You bring us your ideas, and we will make it happen for you. Unlike others, we keep ourselves updated with the current trends of electrical updates to comply with your needs and wishes at all times.