Electrical Renovation – What Are the Areas You Should Focus On?

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When it comes to electrical renovation, many people freak out. Getting the most of the renovation in the framed budget should always be the top priority. Updating the electrical fittings or the wiring of the home is one of the leading aspects of the electrical renovation. The following is the list of some of the things that are needed to consider while carrying out the home electrical renovation-


1.     Upgrading the Switchboards and Re-wiring

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It is obvious that none of the elements concerning electricity stays for long. There is always a functional degradation in the wires as well as the switchboards. This is common with the houses that are old or not been in use for years. Living in a house with worn-out wiring condition is dangerous.

The licensed and proficient electricians make sure that there are no dangerous wires present in the house. Therefore, reinstallation of the electrical wires is an important thing when it comes to electrical reformation.

The renovation also includes the addition of extra power points, switches meeting the standard to fulfil the need. The experts from the renowned electrical renovation companies suggest having reinstallation or up gradation of the electrical lines after every fixed interval of time.


2.     Introducing New Electrical Fittings

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With the change in the technology, the design and the type of the electrical appliances have also changed. Therefore, to give the house a modern look, it is required to revamp the electrical fittings. The proficient, expert and experienced electrician from Gold Coast makes sure that these all are replaced with the latest models keeping in mind the power consumption. The modern day accessories are also not only trendy but also safe.


3.     Installing the Security Alarms

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The concept of security alarms is very new. Most old houses do not have the security alarms. Therefore, to have them installed, provisions need to be made. The electricians proficient in the renovation make sure that all the criteria for the safe installation of the security alarm are made.


4.     An Electric Spark at one of the Junction

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The continuous usage of the electrical wires leads to the degradation in the surface and the resistance power. Eventually leads to spark and short circuit. When there is any burnt mark in the vicinity of the wire junction or wall, electrical renovation is needed utmost. Ignoring this might lead to electrical hazards.


5.     Home Restructuring- Keep Electricity in Mind

Some of the small restructurings of the home might need electrical reinstallation at times. Damage or dampening of the wall always needs renovation. In the process of domestic renovation in Gold Coast, the owners of the houses opt for the electrical reconstruction for bettering the look of the house.


An electrical renovation is always going to be challenging if the right approach is not maintained. By getting in touch with the professional electricians from reputed companies like Fusion Electrical Gold Coast is always going to make things easier and simpler. The reputed electricians take care of all the needs and the safety issues to make the renovation an exquisite one.

Split Air Conditioning System Installation – Know the Critical Factors Involved

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The weather in Australia requires you to install an air conditioning system in your house. It’s is not something that will be left unused for long days. Instead, be it a commercial zone or a residence, the use of the cooling system is growing over the time. However, before you rush and go shopping for the air conditioning system abruptly, you are required to give a little break.

Well, a lot of AC options are there in the market, but you need to know which one of those will prove to be most suitable for your premises. The split air conditioning system has always been the preferable option for those who are about to shop for a new AC or planning to upgrade the existing air conditioning system by replacing it with something new.

However, you need to consider a lot of factors that will determine that split AC system will be the ideal choice for you.


  • For which room do you want it?

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As per the view of the most experienced electrician in Gold coast, the size of the room is a crucial factor when you are purchasing and installing the air conditioning system. Whether the power of the cooling system is complying with that of the size of the room or not is a crucial factor to consider. Otherwise, the system will fail to provide you adequate cooling and a lot of pressure will fall on the compressor too.


  • What is the condition of air ventilation?

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Well, if the cold air gets passed through the ventilation, not much scope remains for controlling the room temperature. For instance, if you are installing it in a shop where the doors are always open for the customers, the excessive ventilation will not let the room cool down. Keeping your windows open for too long or not concentrating on the insulation of the room can also hamper the cooling of the room.


  • Have you thought about the energy efficiency?

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Apparently, it may seem that when you are thinking about installing a split AC system, you have to be prepared to pay big fat bills for that. Well, things are not always like the way you think of it is to be. You can upgrade the cooling system by replacing the old system with the new one as a lot of energy efficient systems are available in the market in the recent times. Our experts can share some knowledge with you regarding how the right operation can ensure some energy saving.


  • Right installation is the key factor

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Absolutely! Correct installation of the air conditioning system is one of the major factors you are required to consider from the very beginning. Choose to let the experts of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast handle the installation as they know how to measure the area and determine the right place to ensure even distribution of air inside the room.


Last Thoughts

From choosing the right HVAC tube to making the hole in the wall, everything depends on the skill of the professionals who also have the experience of dealing with the air conditioning installation in Gold Coast previously. The correct installation and right usage of split air conditioning system can eventually reduce the energy consumption and keep the system last for a prolonged time.

Signs That You Need Professionals for Replacement and Installation of Air Conditioner

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The use of air conditioner is not a luxury anymore. Considering the temperature of Australian summer in mind, it can be said that you need to install one right now in your house as well as in your commercial zone. However, if you are already an air conditioner user and it has been quite a few years now, you are required to take note of the signs that it has started showing.

It’s crucial as because the signs will tell you about the severity of the situation. You may not always need to replace the air conditioner when the issues can be resolved by simple repairing hacks. On the other hand, if you find out reasons to replace it, you should never attempt DIY and only trust the experienced professionals associated with air conditioning installation in Gold Coast as it can cause you significant troubles later on.

Use the finest domestic electricians in the Gold Coast, check for signs that you need to take into consideration for replacing or re-installing the air conditioner you already have.


  • Has it crossed 15 years time span?

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Well, 15 years is a long time for appliances like the air conditioner to run smoothly, without causing any trouble. Even if it does not result in any major problem, you should replace it to save some energy.

The older an air conditioner gets, the more energy consumption it uses. You will find a lot of new energy-efficient models of AC systems are available in the market and replacing your old air conditioner will undoubtedly help you save a significant amount of money.


  • Is it being installed in the right place?


A lot of people come up with the complaint to our domestic electricians in Gold Coast that although they have a new AC, they still don`t find the room cool enough. One of the prime reasons behind this situation is undoubtedly the wrong placement or installation of the AC.

It is probably because you have not taken the help of the professionals before and that is why you need to let us install it once again. This time, you are sure to feel the difference in the room temperature.


  • Is there nasty smell all around?

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Evidently, it is one of the most common situations where your kids may start telling about the nasty smell they are finding all over the room. Even, it can turn out to be a burning smell. At this stage, you should stop panicking and search for the best deals on new air conditioning system that will replace the malfunctioned one. At the next step, you are recommended to call the experts of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast and let them handle the installation for letting your kids feel safe and comfortable again.


  • Are you spending too much money on the repairing?

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If it is old and out of the warranty period, there is no point of keep on pouring money on the repairing or servicing anymore. Well, you may find that the amount of money you mighthave invested in buying the AC 6 or 7 years back is almost equal to the money you have invested in the repairing. It’s pointless! That is one of the signs you must not ignore to make sure the money you are spending is worth it.


To Sum Up…

It is not a daunting task to find out the signs whether your AC needs to be replaced or not if you know the right rules. However, as soon as you find it, you should act promptly and get connected with us for fast replacement or installation. Our experts will assist you from the starting point to the finish line of the installation so that you can start to get started to feel cold breeze soon.

Know Why You Should Not Attempt Diy Ceiling Fan Installation?

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Have you just bought a new ceiling fan for your home? Well, it is undoubtedly a right decision on your part as compared the air conditioning system you already have in your home; a ceiling fan will consume much less energy and save you a lot of money at the end of the month. However, if you are thinking to install the fan in your home by yourself, it may not be a wise decision on your part. 

It may seem to be easy for you to think that all you need to do is to attach the fan to the existing wiring to get it started. But, with no experience of dealing with wiring or electricity related work, it can turn out to be quite dangerous for you. Moreover, it’s crucial to install the fan in an appropriate place for even air distribution. Your minimum experience, in this case, will prove to be a significant issue, for sure!

What is the way out then? Well, the expertise of professional electricians associated with ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast is going to be your saviour in this case. Fusion Electrical Gold Coast is undoubtedly the best platform where you can find such specialist experts with no hassle at all.

But at first, get to know the reasons or risk factors involved in the DIY fan installation.


  • You can get seriously injured
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While you are doing it yourself, you are required to reach out to the ceiling with a ladder that needs to be stabilized by someone else. Well, but you don’t have the experience of getting up on a ladder and without any harness. As a result, you can fall straight down from such a height and evidently get seriously injured.


  • Faulty installation and the following problems
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Let’s face it! You are not an expert when it comes to electrical fixtures. The defective installation is going to cost you later on. You ought to be super careful about that. No matter, how intensely you follow the installation manual or the DIY tutorials, there are some tricks and tactics of flawless installation that you will always be missing out.


  • Causing other electrical issues

You will never know how you are going to end up with this project without causing any disruption in the already existing electrical system. You may not have the expertise to handle the electrical issues in a fair way. You may not realise this but plugging the fan into a different electrical system may cause electrical malfunction to the entire power supply.


  • No experience of checking the power capability
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One of the common issues that pop up among the DIY installers is their inability to check the power supply before the installation process. You may not know whether the ceiling you are using for installation will be compatible with the fan or not.

Moreover, it is crucial for you to know whether the wires the fan will be connected to is free from all sorts of damage or not. If your area is prone to electrical power fluctuations, it can smoke spark and even set fire. Do you want that your small mistake to cause such a massive property loss.



From the above discussion, it is quite evident that it is always a wise decision to appoint the electricians from the local electrical companies in Gold Coast who will give you a prompt solution and install the ceiling fan within the quickest possible time. Opt for the hassle free process and switch to energy efficient living style.

The 4 Electrical Safety Measures That You Can Adopt at Home

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Whether it is a residential space or a commercial one, electricity is something that comes to use everywhere and just the way it is beneficial to us, its misuse can turn out to be dangerously fatal. With numerous deaths being the result of electrical hazards both at homes as well as commercial spaces, there is the need to ensure that electrics and its aspects are handled in the safest way.

When talking about homes and the role electricity plays, there is a need for every all the time. Whether it concerns bathing with warm water or relaxing on a hot summer day in an air-conditioned room, you make use of it to ensure that your life is easy. What homeowners forget or probably fail to realise is that any faults with the wiring, appliances or any other devices shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. The need for expert attention becomes imperative.

When speaking to a professional domestic electricians in Gold Coast, they too agree with the fact that they cannot be everywhere all the time and it is the responsibility of the owners to take necessary safety measures that keep them safe.  


Call upon the professionals on a regular basis

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Most homes have the wires set within the walls or probably covered in casings, and any defect anywhere cannot often be detected. The same goes for appliances that you make use of on a daily basis. With regular use, it witnesses wear and tears and any defect caused wouldn’t surface all on a particular day. Problems build up, and eventually, it turns out to be dangerous. This is the reason why the need for the regular checks or maintenance is required. This allows them to check the electrics of the house that would cover all areas and accordingly detect and repair the necessary areas just so that you stay safe.


Get rid of old wires

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Long before pvc cased wires came into being, the wiring system consisted of wires that were covered with rubber. Since rubber is a good insulator, it was the best option back then. With time things have changed, and the present wiring system consists of synthetic fibres that cover wires. With time rubber tends to wear off and often letting wires to be exposed. If your house is an old one and there are rubber covered wires everywhere, ensure that they are replaced just so that there is no dangerous exposure.


Handle appliances with care

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There are times when you touch an appliance and you receive a mild shock in return, that is when it has started to come up with faults and needs immediate attention. If you witness problems while it is switched on, there is the need to immediately stop work and call for professional help. To prevent further complications, allowing them to be fed via safety switches can help you stay away from danger.


Do not manhandle switches and sockets


There are times when people, to save time, pull out plugs from the sockets without switching it off completely. This is when it contributes to electrical surges. Touching sockets, plugs and switches with wet hands can get dangerous and that may result in shocks.

While you adopt and take all these precautions, you are likely to stay safe and prevent your house from grave electrical consequences.   

The 4 Things to Know When Dealing with Electrics at a New House

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The joy of moving into a house that you have watched being constructed with input from your end is something that cannot often be put into words. While there is a lot of planning and decision making that goes into coming up with the right results just so that you get to live comfortably in the new house. Just as all aspects are necessary, the electrics are something that several tend to keep aside while taking it for granted.

When there is a new construction, there is always this coordination with the electrical professionals, and that results in a house that is not just safe but equipped with electrical utilities for the days to come. A house is a plan that you make while keeping in mind the days to come and the same goes for the electrical usage as well. Setting up a utility box that takes up lesser load and would require interference in the future isn’t something smart.

While all of this is considered, there are other aspects that you need to consider as well when it comes to dealing with the electrics of the new house.


No one apart from trained electricians should handle the electrical aspect

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There are times when people think that handymen or probably anyone with knowledge of wirings and its setup can help out just to save money. This is a myth that needs to be cleared out as there is no one better than trained professionals to help out with the setup. The reason why such an emphasis is laid on hiring the services of a trained electrician in Gold coast is that most deaths due to electrocution is because of the limited knowledge on electricity and the dangers that it comes with. To avoid accidents and complications as well as to save lives, ensure that only trained electricians will be helping you.


Make plans beforehand

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There are several who think that setting up electrical wires and connections is something that should be done once the construction is complete. If you have planned to include a commercial setup or merely a residential area, you are to ensure that there are sufficient sockets as well as the ability to take up the load from electrical appliances that you intend to set up. Things should be planned accordingly just so that you do not witness snaps and overloads whenever you switch on an appliance for use.


Do not stuff the house with lights

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When it comes to new constructions, there is always this effort made to make it energy efficient to avoid putting across a carbon footprint on the environment. When it concerns putting up lights, consider using energy efficient LED apart from making optimal use of the natural light. Opting for the concept of reverse living or probably setting up natural skylights ensure that you do not put up too much of a load to the electrical system of the house while ensuring that your house is well-lit.


Be aware of the electrical setup and system

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When the plans are made in collaboration with the residential electricians in Gold Coast for the new house, there is the need for you to be aware of it all. While these plans are made keeping in mind the days to come, you should be aware of how things are put across. When in future, even when the electrician isn’t available, you would know the capacity of the electrical load that your house can endure and accordingly modify setups.          

Electrical Emergency! Know the Ways to Deal with It

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Electrical emergencies are like the uninvited guests whom you don't want in your house but can't ignore when they have finally arrived. However, it is a serious business indeed! Whether the emergency occurs in your home or any power outage occurs in your commercial store – the first thought that should come to your mind is to find out the ways to deal with it.

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that the instant reaction to such emergencies is nothing but panic! People will panic no matter how hard you try to calm them down. Notably, in a full commercial zone, you can never restrict the crowd from getting frantic or scared in the case fire breaks in due to electrical failure.

At such conditions, keeping your calm and take the right measures to bring things under control. Here are some of the tips that might help. Take a look.


  • Don’t Throw Water, Use Fire Extinguisher


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The very first step people do to stop electrical malfunctions is throwing water on the fire with the thought that it will come under control. However, in the hastiness, people tend to forget the fact that water is an electrical conductor and therefore when the water is splashed on electrical wires, it can worsen the situation.

Safety Tip: Under such situations, using the fire extinguisher is the right way to move forward. The extinguishers contain sodium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate and carbon dioxide that help in putting out the fire without penetrating the electrical system.


  • Don’t try DIY methods, Call up the electricians instead

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It will be an unwise decision on your part to move forward and try out some DIY tricks to take control of the situation. In the case, the situation gets out of your hands, there is no way you will be able to handle it, and the situation will be much worse than you have imagined.

Safety Tip: As the best safety precaution, it is recommended to call up the best commercial electricians in Gold Coast as soon as possible and wait until they arrive. Connecting with Fusion Electrical Gold Coast will be the best decision as our professionals always remain geared up for dealing with adverse issues.


  •  Evacuate the place ASAP



It is suggested to clear out the zone as immediately as you can before the fire becomes enormous and the doors get blocked. Staying there and panicking will not bring in a good result in this case.

Safety Tip: While you are evacuating a commercial zone, you cannot just let the crowd get lose and find their way as getting down from the staircases will bring in additional problems. Under this situation, help the people find their way by assisting them with a volunteer or any worker in your store so that the evacuation process cannot create any more panic.


  • Cut the Main Power

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As an immediate step to be taken for controlling such a huge power outrage is by cutting the main power source right away. It will shut down the entire power supply and make things safer.

Safety Tip: Do not get too close to the power line without having adequate safety gears made of bad conductors of electricity. It can take your life, so be careful.

Final Words

The team of some of the best electrician in Hope Island associated with Fusion Electrical is always there to help you out, even during emergency situations. However, in the cases of such power outages, you are also required to call up the ambulance services to help the people who were inside the store.

Home Wiring: A Quick Discourse On The Safety Tips To Follow

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How much exactly do you know about home wiring? Or for that matter, it would be prudent on our part to ask- how much exactly do you know about domestic wiring safety? We are aware of the fact that today, there are way too many people out there resorting to DIY home wiring. However, the danger of resorting to such practice is the lack of nuanced know how. Minor mistakes in wiring can actually lead to major threats. The first step towards domestic wiring safety is to get credentialed domestic electricians in Gold Coast on board and they are the ones that will actually go on to guide you regarding home wiring safety.


How it all starts with the Appointment of the Right Electrician

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So, the initiation of our discourse is all about getting the right electricians on board. Yes, home wiring safety starts with your electricians. Do your homework when it comes to appointing an electrician for domestic renovation in Gold Coast. Do ensure that you’re asking a few questions without fail before roping them in:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  •  What kind of wiring experience do you have?
  • Are you using a voltage tester to make sure that all the electrical connections and wires are actually dead before you start working?
  • Will you check my old wires and replace them if they have already started showing  signs of decay or poor performance?

Do ensure that you are taking these points in view while you are actually in the process of hiring electricians.


The Wires should be Uncoiled Properly


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It is extremely important on your end to ensure that the cable wires thus unboxed are uncoiled with any kinks on them. When you are pulling the kinks from the centre of the coil, you actually end up leaving kinks on the same. The best bet would be to just lift a few coils just from the centre of the roll and then toss them around on the floor. Throw the rope as if you are actually throwing a coiled rope. The next step would be to walk along the rope in a straight line straightening the same as you walk along. This just goes on to help you store the coil in a neat fashion. It is important to store the wire safely because it prevents any sort of breakage – which is of course important for future use.


Efforts to Prevent chances of Overloading


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 It is very important on your electrician’s end to prevent chances or possibilities of overload while fixing fuse or breaker problems. Any kind of breaker problem might as well go on to lead to fire hazards in the future.

So do make sure that you’re actually keeping these points in view without fail. Please follow the aforementioned steps in a bid to be duly guided in this regard. Do educate yourself in the right fashion and you will be guided in accordance. Hopefully this one will be of help.

Is Your Fan Noisy? Commercial Electricians Can Offer Some Quick-Fixes!

Your ceiling fan is meant to give you comfort, not pester your brain and give you earaches. Squeaky fans give out a strange humming, rattling or buzzing sound, and they are down-right irritating. However, it also indicates that there is a looming issue which can happen anytime soon.

If your ceiling fan becoming a cause of your worry, then it’s about time that you try to eliminate the problem once and for all. Hiring commercial electricians in Gold Coast will prove to be a good option in many ways. They will come down to your residence quickly, inspect comprehensively to isolate the issue and then take care of it in a professional manner.

These Experts Understand All The Languages Of Your Ceiling Fan:

When It’s Humming – if your fan is making a humming sound then it means that there are some issues with the dimmer. However, there are other reasons. Those include if

Ceiling Fan
  • A bad capacitor
  • Or even a singular controller/circuit for multiple fans

Each of these reasons can cause that horrible humming noise. Depending on the issue, these experts will determine the sort of troubleshoot which they will need to do.

If the noise is due to the dimmer, they will simply replace it with a standardised speed controller. If a bad capacitor is your culprit, then they will quickly change the cups. However if the noise is due to a low voltage which results due to scare distribution of electricity, these electricians will suggest you keep a separate circuit for the fan which is making noise.

When It Rattles Or Say Makes A Grinding Noise If your fan is giving out a grinding sound, then the cause of that possibly could be that the ball bearing within its motor is bad. A few ceiling fans also have flywheels affixing the blades to the fan’s motor. Another reason could be that these flywheels are broken or that the blades are scraping the cup housing.

constant humming noise

Contrarily, if your fan is making a strange rattling noise, then it means that blades are loose and need tightening up. Though you could do this on your own, hiring professionals ensures that the screws are tightened appropriately and not overly tight. Another possibility could be the wiring within the switch house. These experts will turn the main power switch off and ensure that the wire connections are not at all rattling into one another. They will make a few tweaks to ensure that the wires do not rattle against the switch house’s interior wall.

Whatever be the reason, as a part of their complete ceiling fan installation in Gold Coast, they will thoroughly inspect each of these possibilities and ensure that the grinds and rattles rest in peace!

If It Creaks Another common noise which you will find in your ceiling fan is when it makes a creaking sound. This takes place due to the blades. To eliminate the noise, these experts will first check if the noise is resulting from the motor or not. They will test it without blades at first, and if the issue is actually with the blades, they will replace blade places and re-tighten them properly.

Do All These Occurrences Sound Similar? Well, then it’s time to make the call to these professional commercial electricians around the Gold Coast region immediately. They know all your ceiling fan’s tunes and will indubitably offer some quality and permanent fixes.