Expert Ceiling Fan Installations Gold Coast

Do you sometimes struggle to get some sleep in the evening due to the summer heat and don't want to use the air conditioning? Does your current ceiling fan make noise and keep you awake all night? Well, consider it as a high time of installing a superior quality ceiling fan that will not only ensure a soothing temperature in your bedroom or living room but also uplift your room decor.

At Fusion Electrical Gold Coast, we offer the latest in ceiling fans; we can supply and fit ceiling fans from as little $180.00. It has been a proven fact that ceiling fans can make you feel 8 degrees cooler in a hot temperature. The installation will let you save on the electricity bills, mitigating the necessity of air conditioning. Let us look into some of the extensive benefits that you will get as you install the ceiling fan.

Supplement to air conditioning

There is no better option of maintaining a soothing temperature in your house without turning it into cold storage by installing a ceiling fan. Constant use of air conditioning can make the weather dry apart from cooling the room up to extreme level. On the contrary, ceiling helps in spreading air evenly in every corner of the room, making it soothing.

Affordable cooling solution

Needless to say, that ceiling fans are far less expensive compared to the air conditioning systems. You are going to enjoy a soothing temperature around the room without paying an excessive price for the air conditioning. Nothing can be better!


Less energy consumption

Apart from being a cost-effective solution, ceiling fans consume lesser power compared to the air conditioning system, letting you save a significant amount of money on your electricity bills.


celling fan.jpg

Easy to maintain

You hardly require bearing any huge maintenance cost in ceiling fans. You can wipe out the loose dust on the fans by using a piece of dry cloth.

It is not always easy to find a quality ceiling fan installer, and there is no doubt about the fact that the major amount of problems with ceiling fans start because of poor quality installations. The best part of choosing us over others is our team comprises of the most experienced installers in the market who will make sure you will not face any problem in the post-installation process.

We can advise you on the right ceiling fan for your rooms based on your budget, room size and ceiling heights while we excel in ceiling fan installations in Gold Coast. Our team has skilled electricians who will incorporate remote access facility to your ceiling fans so that you can operate it without getting up from the bed. The remote access further lets you control the speed of the fan with the press of a button.

Choosing the correct fan size

Room size of 4x5 meters or smaller requires a blade length of 122cm.

Room size of 6x6 meters or larger requires a blade length of 132cm.

Energy usage

Ceilings fans are extremely efficient to function, and these typically use about the same energy as a 60w light bulb, they cost around 3 cents per hour to run, and they are a fraction of the cost as that of an air conditioning system.