Hire Experts for Fuse Box Repairs in Gold Coast

Does your switchboard have MCBs or safety switches? Do they work and if so how do you know that nothing is wrong. Does your switchboard seem to have far too many cables going into it and look like its overloaded or even is the cover of cracked or damaged in any way?

The problems with electrical failures will keep on popping up, and as you look out for the right solutions, Fusion Electrical Gold Coast needs to be your very first choice.

Why choose our professional electricians?

Gone are those hassling old days when people used to take out the torch and go for checking the fuse box as the light goes off without any notice. As the technology has become more advanced, you need to be connected with the best team of electricians who will resolve the issues related to switchboard malfunction and fuse box repairs in Gold Coast. When it comes to the best, there is no way you will find a better option than Fusion Electrical Gold Coast.

Our Objective

Here at Fusion Electrical Gold Coast, we can test and prove that the safety switches will meet the correct disconnection times to disconnect the power in time to save lives in a fault condition, using the latest up to date electrical testers. If you do not have safety switches, disfunctional MCBs, damaged fuse box or your switchboard is of the old style, then let us know, and we would solve the problem with the best electrical services and install the latest in switchboard safety.

When do you need to discard old fuse box?

The majority of the problems related to the fuse box is faced by those who reside in old houses and therefore have old electrical wiring in their house. The advanced household appliances we use in the recent times are not compatible with the old wiring, and as a result, the imbalance in power supply end up damaging the circuits.

Here are a few examples of several conditions when you should think of replacing the fuse box and upgrading the switch board by calling up the expert electricians of Fusion Electrical Gold Coast.

  •  The wiring is unprotected
  •  Getting heated up fast
  •  Failing to cope up with the fluctuations of power supply
  • The fuse is getting tripped frequently
  • Not being compatible with advanced appliances
  • Not having any circuit breaker in the fuse box
  • Old porcelain fuse box

Our finest electricians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise of estimating the current as well as future power load. Based on that assessment, they will advise you whether you need to upgrade the switchboard and fuse box or need to replace it. We make sure that the repairing or upgrade can safeguard your family. In the process of the upgrade, our prime focus remains in making the wiring system simplistic so that you become clueless when any problem occurs.

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